Charisma Workshop (Invite)

Charisma Workshop is a newly set up family business cafe, run by Ko’s family (Jonathan Ko & Matthew Ko). Jonathan is the man behind the kitchen with his great passion, talent and skill to create such a beautiful dish and sweets to spoil Melbournian brunch or coffee lovers.
The cafe is a hidden gem and rising star cafe situated in Frederick Way, A’Beckett Street, Melbourne CBD.
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Mary Miller, Fitzroy North

Mary Miller is an adorable and cute cafe situated in the corner of Miller Street, Fitzroy North.
The cafe is located in the residential area rather than in a busy street / business area of Fitzroy North.
Despite of this location, this cafe is always busy and becomes the favorite of the locals; surely it satisfies the Melbournian of their great service and food.
The cafe itself looks very attractive with their light blue color and green plants inside.

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Hide and Seek Fish and Chippery, Tullamarine

Hide and Seek Fish Chippery is a modern fish and chip shop located in Tullamarine.
I know, it’s a fair distance from CBD which is between 18-21 KM, honestly it’s worth to come and try their food.
You can also make a quick stop to Hide and Seek Fish Chippery on the way to Tullamarine airport before your flight.
They offer much better selection of food with reasonable price and decent quality compared to the local cafes or any cafes / restaurants in the airport.

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Pokéd, Little Lonsdale

Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish that combines fresh fish, hot sushi rice and diced vegetables, I’d say it’s like having an opened sushi in the bowl.
The main idea of this store is to prove the fast food can also be healthy.
Poked adds the list of healthy bar shops to satisfy and conform to Melbournian healthy lifestyle.
The poke bar tucked pretty hidden in 551 Little Lonsdale Street, not in the main street but you need to walk inside the small alley.

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