Dukkah, South Kingsville

Dukkah, South Kingsville (Invited)

Dukkah is Middle Eastern restaurants located in Vernon Street, Western Suburbs of Melbourne, South Kingsville.
This restaurant is situated in the residential area and mostly loved by the locals.
We came here on the weekend and the restaurant was almost full.
We’re absolutely glad to be invited to this restaurant and totally worth it to come to the other side of Melbourne.

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Ayame, Malvern (Invited)

Ayame is a semi fine dining Modern Japanese restaurant situated in the busy Glenferrie Road, Malvern.
The location is very convenient and you have the option to use public transport (Tram 16) or your private vehicle where plenty of on street car parks available.
We’re glad to be invited by Ayame’s team to taste and experience their specialty.

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Roasted Pork Crispy Rolls

Liang Crispy Roll, Hawthorn

Liang Crispy Rolls just opened their first chain in Hawthorn – the first one in Australia! Small yet comfortable store in Hawthorn with several seatings inside.

As the name implies, Liang Crispy Rolls specializes in roti like Chinese buttery pancakes which can be enjoyed classic with chives or with various fillings you can choose both savory and sweet. You can totally imagine the texture just by looking at our picture ??

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