Ying Thai 2, Carlton

You might be thinking why the name is Ying Thai 2 and where is Ying Thai 1?
Ying Thai 1 was situated in Victoria Street in Abbotsford opened since 1996 and claimed to be one of the best Thai food around this area.
Not long after the successful of Ying Thai in North Richmond, they opened another sister’s branch in Carlton named Ying Thai 2.
Unfortunately, Ying Thai 1 is now permanently closed as you know of many competitors of Thai restaurants in this area over the time.

On the other hand, Ying Thai 2 is still operating and has been through couple of renovations from the traditional Thai interior design to the modern interior design with the bigger, bright, clean and chic looking place.

If you’re Thai food lover, the name of Ying Thai is not something new.
People wouldn’t have any doubt of the taste of the food and service delivered from this Thai restaurant.
Ying Thai 2 is located in Lygon street, Carlton – “Italian Village”.
When you’re craving of Italian food, there would be plenty of restaurants along this street.
But when you’re craving of Thai food, that’s only one “Ying Thai 2” and it’s considered as one of the best in town with strategic location and accessible by public transport.

The atmosphere and vibe wasn’t really good when the place was fully occupied – it was little bit cramped and noisy.
The customer service was attentive.

Note: please bear in mind to book a table on the weekend if you don’t want to wait.

We ordered:
* Tom Yum seafood hot pot (spicy and hot sour soup) for $18.90
The Tom Yum had a perfect blend of sweet and sour taste.
It was served hot, fresh, flavourful with generous portion.
Our spicy level for the Tom Yum was mild and it was spicy enough.
It was considered as one of the best Tom Yum compared to other Thai restaurants.


* Pud Grapow (stir-fried with chilli and basil leaves) with duck for $17.90
Surprisingly, it’s the winner today. Everyone loved the duck pud grapow.
The duck was perfectly cooked and seasoned well.
It was very tender and juicy 🙂
The overall taste was absolutely fantastic…. Yummy!
Highly recommended dish.


* Ka Nar Moo Grob (stir-fried Chinese brocolli with crispy pork and oyster sauce) for $18.90
The crispy pork was perfectly cooked, crispy and the Chinese brocolli wasn’t overcooked therefore it was still crisp.
The taste of oyster sauce was just right, it wasn’t overpower.


* Gai Hor Bai Thoey (marinated chicken with Thai herbs and wrapped with pandan leaves served with sweet chilli sauce) for $12.90.
The chicken wasn’t dry and still crunchy outside. It was well seasoned and perfectly grilled.
It was even better when we had this using the dipping sauce.


Ice milk tea (less ice) for $4.50
The taste was really nice but be mindful that they will charge you more if you asked for less ice, no ice and regular.
Hmmmm.. personally, it still didn’t make sense for us.
It was slightly calculative.


Overall, we had a great time having dinner here and you’ll be looking at around $18.00 – $25.00 each person.


Price: 2.5
Taste: 4.0
Service: 3.5
Speed: 3.5

Yay: Pud Grapow duck, Ka Nar Moo Grob
Nay: Table set up was too close one to another, small room to move, odd pricing on milk tea

Location: 110 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9639 1697

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