Krua Thai 2, Richmond

Hip Hip Hoorrrayyyy!! We’ve decided to have Thai cuisine to celebrate our friends’ birthday, we chose Krua Thai 2 because of its prime location in Richmond and variety of dishes.
They have the menu for vegetarian as well.
Location wise is perfect; easily accessible by public transport for those who rely on it and plenty spaces of street parking if you drive your own vehicle.

The restaurant is pretty fancy looking Thai restaurant. It’s more like casual fine dine restaurant.
The interior design is stylish, authentic and classic modern; each table covered by white tablecloths.
The atmosphere and vibe in this restaurant was really good and the customer service was good.
It wasn’t too busy when we came on the weekend.

Anyway, we ordered:
– Chicken with Pandan leaves for $7.50.
For the entree, we ordered 3 portions of the chicken pandan leaves.
The chicken was well cooked. It was soft, tender and well seasoned.
Unfortunately, we found that the chicken with pandan leaves was slightly too oily.


– Pad Thai chicken for $13.40.
The Pad Thai was too watery and the noodle was little bit soggy.
Most of Thai restaurants would be able to nail the Pad Thai as the signature dish, unfortunately this doesn’t apply to this restaurant.
It was definitely not the best Pad Thai we’ve ever tried, and overall the taste was average.

– Tom Yum Soup Prawn $8.90.
Really? The portion was so tiny and only 70% Tom Yum Soup and approximately 2 shrimps and around 15-25 thin slices of mushrooms.
We even asked to the wait staff politely to double check that we ordered the large Tom Yum soup to share, she confirmed that this one was the large size.
We would definitely understand if they charged us this value for more generous portion.
Hmmmm…. anyway, the taste of the tom yum soup was really good and had balance flavour (sweet / sour).
Nothing’s wrong with the taste as we loved it, but it wasn’t worth to order due to the portion and the price, I reckoned it’s a portion for 1 person.


– Yellow Curry Vegie for $12.90.
Surprisingly, the vegetarian curry turned out to be pretty good compared to others.
The taste of curry was creamy, rich, balance and flavourful.
The vegetables were well cooked, it wasn’t overcooked.
Happy to recommend this one.


– Sweet Chilli Tofu for $12.90.
We found that the sweet chilli tofu was alright, didn’t find any special on the dish.

– Beef & Basil for $13.90.
The beef & basil was actually pretty nice and well cooked.
Unfortunately, it was too salty and we almost couldn’t eat by itself without being accompanied by the jasmine rice to neutralise the strong taste.


– Thai Chilli Pork for $13.90.
The pork was served warm and had great presentation.
Another great dish from our order, the vegetables and pork were perfectly cooked.
The taste was absolutely great as well, it wasn’t too strong.


Overall, the taste of the food wasn’t that bad but it was pricey compared to other Thai restaurants as expected.
It was slightly disappointed by looking at the small portion of some dishes served.

Service: 3.0
Speed: 2.5
Taste: 3.0
Price: 2.5

Yay: Yellow Curry Vegie, Thai Chilli Pork
Nay: Pad Thai chiken, Tom Yum Soup Prawn

Location: 37 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9428 6128

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

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