Platform 270 – DoubleTree by Hilton, Melb CBD

Platform 270 is a typical Melbourne style restaurant and bar run by Hiltons as their executive services.
The interior design was very modern with the minimalist style; The place was very clean and cosy exposed with the cellared wines and ambient light.

With the cosy vibe and atmosphere in this restaurant, they could definitely attract the Melbournians to come, enjoy the drinks and food.
The open air kitchen was a great concept where diners can enjoy the show how the great and sharp chefs preparing the food.
The customer staffs were highly attentive, friendly and professional.


We bought a voucher deal for $69.00 to get:
* Two course dinner and a glass of wine or beer each
* An entree + main or a main + dessert
It was very good deal to dine in the fancy restaurant with the hotel standard for $35.00 each.
Note: Additional $5.00 for the following order: The 300g Certified Angus Grass-Fed Scotch, BBQ pork ribs

We ordered:
– Steamed MT. Martha Mussels (a broth of zhough spice, chorizo, green tomato and mint, grilled sourdough) – $19.00.
The Martha Mussels served in generous portion and the highlight was the broth.
The taste of the broth not simply came from salt / pepper but it came from the combination of of chorizo, green tomato and mint that made the taste more sophisticated.
Chorizo gave the saltiness taste and tomato gave little bit of sourness.
The Mussels were perfectly cooked, it was tender and juicy.
It was a great dish to start.


– WA Octopus char grilled, braised DuPuy lentils, black olive pita chips and charred feta – $19.00.
You could smell the mild nicely fragrant coming from the grilled.
The Octopus was perfectly grilled drizzled with the homemade sauce.
It was chewy and not dry, the texture was really good.


– 300g Certified Angus Grass feed scotch (served with cheesy potato croquette, house made sauerkraut and a choice of house gravy / smoked garlic butter / Dijon mustard) – $45.00.
We went opted for the medium rare served with gravy sauce.
It was perfectly cooked as what we wanted to, a good size and perfectly seared.
It was juicy and well seasoned; The taste was balance.
The taste above the average.


– BBQ pork ribs glazed in homemade bbq sauce, housemade pickles and mustard – $40.00.
It was a huge and generous portion served, great taste and value of money to spend.
The pork ribs were very juicy and very soft.
The homemade bbq sauce was little bit hot and spicy but it was really nice.
You won’t struggle separate the meat and ribs as it was easily cut and soft.


– White wine – Chardonnay – Morgan’s Bay Chardonnay (Red Cliffs, Victoria) – $9.50.
– Sparkling wine – Little Leaf Sparkling Brut (Eastern Australia) – $10.00.


Overall, we had a really good experiences and deal in Platform 270.
With the deal purchased, we spent $79.00 ($69.00 + $10.00) due to additional surcharge on selected dishes.
You could save $63.50 which is almost 45% off (RRP $142.50).

Price: 4.0 (using deal)
Service: 4.0
Taste: 3.5
Speed: 4.0

Yay: Great place & great food, BBQ pork ribs is really yummy!
Nay: N/A

Location: 270, Flinders Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9654 0368

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