Burger Road, Fairfield

Burger Road is a newly American style burger shop opened in Fairfield early in 2017, perfectly situated in Station street and close to train station.
As soon as you step in to the burger shop, you’ll notice how clean and bright the place is.
With predominantly minimalist design makes this burger shop looking good, stylish and modern.

We noticed that many of restaurants around this area but Burger Road is the only American burger with funky interior and exterior design.
Definitely, it’s easy enough to attract the neighbourhood in this area to try their burger specialty.

The shop has plenty spaces available inside and outdoor set up.
We loved the artwork on the wall and the vibe was very cosy with the great option of background music.
The customer service was very nice and friendly.

October is our lucky day, we won a $50.00 voucher to spend in Burger Road Fairfield.
Anyway, after you’ve decided what you would order – you need to choose which bun you would go for.
They have different buns for you to choose: Milk Bun, Beetroot Bun, Black Bun (Recommended!!) and Gluten Free Bun.

We ordered:
– ‘Moo’Yahlicious with Black Bun for $14.90.
(Wagyu beef patty, swiss cheese sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, onion relish, jap mayo & hickory bbq sauce).
We were recommended by the friendly customer staff to order their best seller burger.
The fact that this burger had the mushrooms inside, it gave different texture in the burger and made the taste even better.
The combination of jalapenos, onion relish, jap & bbq mayo were balance.
The beef patty was nicely grilled, well seasoned and juicy. It wasn’t dry which was one of the key point on this.
Now, we understand and can’t agree more how ‘Moo’Yahlicious becomes the best seller in this shop.

– Take The 2nd Exit “Big Bite”, single patty with Milk Bun for $14.90.
(Wagyu beef patty, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, American mustard aioli & bbq mayo)
Compared to the American mustard aioli, the BBQ mayo had stronger taste and overpower; Thus, we hardly tasted the aioli.
The taste of bbq mayo itself had sweet taste, therefore the overall taste of burger was slightly sweet in addition to the sweetness came from grilled onions.
The beef patty was juicy, well seasoned and nicely grilled.

– Beer Battered Fries (Large) for $6.90 and additional sauce, cheese, jalapenos for $0.50.
The fries were served crispy, warm, not greasy and well seasoned with generous portion.
It was good value of money for this amount of nicely taste fries.

– Chocolate Banana & Walnut Waffle for $12.00.
(Belgian Waffle served with sliced banana walnut, icing sugar and dollop of vanilla ice cream)
It was served in generous portions with two big dollops of ice cream.
The base waffle itself was sweet already and it was served with icing sugar and chocolate which made even sweeter.
Luckily, the vanilla ice cream wasn’t too sweet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our liking because overall it was too sweet.

Note: you need to take plastic gloves if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can find in the table where they put all the sauces (mustard and tomato)

Overall, we had a good time having great burger in this restaurant.
We’ll definitely come back to try their chicken burger “Fire Extinguisher” and heard from the friendly staff that this one is the most favorite for the chicken burger.

*Won the Raffle*
Price: 3.5
Taste: 4.0
Service: 3.5
Speed: 3.0

Yay: ‘Moo’Yahlicious with Black Bun was yummy!!!
Nay: Chocolate Banana & Walnut Waffle

Location: 89 Station Street, Fairfield
Phone: 03 9489 1351
Website: burgerroad-fairfield.com.au

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

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