Mama Manoush, Brunswick East (Grand Opening)

We’re so excited that we won “Mama Manoush” raffle run by @munchingmelbourne and got invited to their grand opening party in East Brunswick.
The restaurant was absolutely fantastic and well decorated.
The table set up, interior design was classic modern.
Loved the wall art to show the Lebanese culture and art.

The restaurant has two sections: casual fine dine at front and garden bar “Mama Garden” at rear which would make this place as a versatile spot to hold any type of events.
The customer staffs and bartenders were all very friendly and tentative.
Their first opening to the public is on Thursday, 16 November 2017.

The customer staffs and bartenders were all very friendly and approachable.
Definitely, it was such a succesful events by inviting most of Melbournian popular bloggers and socialites.

There was a coffee booth just next to the bar, I know it was little bit quiet as the day was getting warmer and most people tended to grab beers instead.
Since I am the coffee lover, I felt curious to try their coffee.
I ordered cappuccino and had a chat with the friendly barista.
They are using First Press Coffee Bean (Costa Rica, Brazil and Papua New Guinea) but it was brewed in-house.
Though the cappuccino wasn’t strong but it was well made, loved the cappuccino.
It had balance taste.

Ohh if you’re not a beer / alcohol lover / coffee lover, I’d suggest to order their homemade fresh lemonade.
The taste was fresh, not too sweet and really great.


We’re so glad that we’re invited and joined together with other food bloggers to embrace the peek of all their food few days before they open to public.
The food came differently every 10-15 minutes, though they prepared and made in large quantity.
Surprisingly, the food had very consistent taste.

Towards the end of the grand opening party, they set up a big long table elegantly set up to show all the foods available in Mama Manoush.
It was a wonderful experience to be one of the first Melbournians that had the opportunity to see the beautiful presentation to the perfection on the variety of dishes by Mama Mamoush.

Finally, they brought two desserts on the floor and a belly dancing performance in the main area of Mama Garden.
– Baclava Fingers *Home made baclava fingers dipped in choloage and sprinkled with pistachio nuts.

– Baclava Ice Cream *Ice cream cone drizzled in crushed pistachio and raspberry syrup.
It was creamy, rich taste and smooth texture. It wasn’t too sweet either which was even perfect for the dessert.


The highlights on this event were:
– The desserts
– Lamb Cutlet ** this one is a must to try.
The lamb was char grilled and seasoned perfectly. It was very tender, juicy and you didn’t even smell the strong lamb.
– Lahem Meshwi ** Lamb fillets marinated in olive oil and traditional Lebanese herbs and spices.
– Cigar Sticks Cheese (rolled pastry filled with herbs halloumi and mozzarella)

Taste: 4.0
Service: 4.0

Yay: The highlights above
Nay: N/A

Location: 175–177 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Melbourne
Phone: TBC

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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