Mabrown, Balwyn

When your friends ask you about the quail dish, what would be the first restaurant that you would recommend?
I am sure, you must be thinking of MaBrown.
They even use the wording “Our famous quail” in their menu, very confident in how they deliver their quail dish.

We’ve got visiting friends from overseas who studied in Melbourne few years back and they’re craving of quails.
Therefore, we accompanied them to go to this restaurant.
Honestly, it’s been a while since we stopped coming to this restaurant. Firstly, the location is pretty far and not convenient if you use public transport;
Secondly, in the past we always treated bad from the owner, she was pretty rude and cranky treated us as if we didn’t want to pay our food.

The original MaBrown situated in the Balwyn, it’s quite difficult if you go here using public transport because you need to use bus and you know that
the bus system in Melbourne is pretty unreliable.
The restaurant has never changed a thing since we came few years back.
It’s very typical Chinese table set up and still well maintained.
We made a booking earlier afraid that they’ll be very busy on the weekend.
Suprisingly, it’s not busy at all when we came on the weekend dinner time.

We ordered:
* The infamous “spicy quail”
I am sure it’s very famous in Indonesian/Malaysian community, just realised they have the translation in Bahasa.
No doubt! the taste of spicy quails were absolutely stunning and very consistent.
The quails were perfectly cooked, soft and tender. It wasn’t too spicy and the sauce wasn’t too strong either, thus you can slowly enjoy the overall taste.
They were served warm and still crispy. They’re flawless and fantastic dish 🙂
Must order their quails!

* Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
* Mapoh Tofu
The Mapoh tofu and sweet / sour chicken balls had very average taste.
Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t that bad but other Chinese / Malaysian restaurants could do much better for the same amount of dollar spent.
The mapoh tofu was slighly tasteless, on the other hand the sweet and sour chicken balls were too sweet.
I wouldn’t go for these dishes, just stick to the original plan always the infamous quails.

Overall, we’ve had great time having dinner this time as the customer service was getting better compared the last few times we came.

Yay: The infamous “spicy quail”
Nay: Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, Mapoh Tofu

Service: 3.0
Taste: 3.0
Price: 3.0
Speed: 3.0

Location: 190 Belmore Road, Balwyn, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9816 3755

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

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