Hide and Seek Fish and Chippery, Tullamarine

Hide and Seek Fish Chippery is a modern fish and chip shop located in Tullamarine.
I know, it’s a fair distance from CBD which is between 18-21 KM, honestly it’s worth to come and try their food.
You can also make a quick stop to Hide and Seek Fish Chippery on the way to Tullamarine airport before your flight.
They offer much better selection of food with reasonable price and decent quality compared to the local cafes or any cafes / restaurants in the airport.

This restaurant has modernised the whole idea of fish and chips by having the touch of the middle east cuisine.
As soon as we stepped in to the restaurant, we’re welcomed by the friendly chefs and staffs.
It’s bit unlikely to have the chefs and customer staffs welcoming the customers, you’re felt so welcomed; They’re genuinely friendly.
You feel the positive atmosphere the moment you come to the restaurant.
You are able to see all fresh and clean seafoods in the glass shelf close to the main door.

The fish and chips restaurant is very clean, bright and spacious with modern interior design.
The customer service was great, friendly and warm.
The vibe of the restaurant is very cosy, comfortable and relax.

Ohh worth to mention that if you have a chance to go to Hide and Seek Fish Chippery, they do have the cool wall art on the side of the restaurant which is their signature “Cool Big Octopus” 🙂
I reckon it’s very cool and put so much effort to do this art.

We ordered :
– Grilled Flounder (served with Chips, Rice & Salad and Lemon Butter Sauce)
We chose the Fattoush salad as what was recommended by the customer staff.
The Fattoush salad was amazing, you have to try this!! It’s one of the most popular salads in this restaurant.
The bread put on top of the Fattoush salad was the champion;
It was so crunchy, crispy and tasty, perfect when you scoop your salad together to get a perfect balance of sweet, salty and little bit sour.

The flounder was nicely grilled and seasoned. It was soft, smooth and crunchy.
The texture was also nice.
The size of flounder was generous too 🙂
Unfortunately it’s slightly too oily; It would be great if the oil was drained longer because if you don’t quickly flip the other side, it would be slightly soggy.

– Double Phat burger (2xbeef, 2x cheese, Bacon, Jalapeno, Caramelized Onions, Home-made Potato Cake & Chipotle Mayo)
The chips on the side were freshly deep fried with great golden colour and crunchy.
They were seasoned well and not too salty.
The beef patties were grilled and seasoned well.
The burger was generously served, surely you’ll be full as soon as you finish that up.
Surprisingly that this fish and chips restaurant could make really decent taste burger.
Ohhh the homemade potato cake was a star in this burger, I couldn’t get enough to have one.
I wish I had enough room to order another potato cake, it’s highly recommended to order separately.

– Extras: Battered Prawns, Scallops and Calamari Rings
All the seafoods (prawns, scallops and calamari rings) were freshly cooked.
They’re served warm, crunchy and dry (no oil, perfect!!!).

– Oreo Shake
If you’re the dessert lover, you’ll definitely love this shake.
The texture was great, it was smooth and had rich taste.
We enjoyed having this shake up until it’s almost at the bottom of the drink.
It was too sweet for me therefore I couldn’t finish the whole thing.
I reckon having less chocolate used in the oreo shake would make this drink perfect.

– Raspberry, Mint and Ginger

Overall, we had a great time having lunch in this fish and chips bar and definitely will come back here anytime soon 🙂

*Won the Raffle*
Service: 4.5
Taste: 3.5
Speed: 3.0

Yay: Fatoush salad, Double Phat burger, Homemade potato cake
Nay: Grilled Flounder is little bit too oily, Oreo shake is slightly too sweet

Location: Shop 1, 149 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine
Phone: 03 9338 0773
Website: hidenseekfishnchips.com

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

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