Charisma Workshop, Melb CBD (Invited)

Charisma Workshop is a newly set up family business cafe, run by Ko’s family (Jonathan Ko & Matthew Ko). Jonathan is the man behind the kitchen with his great passion, talent and skill to create such a beautiful dish and sweets to spoil Melbournian brunch or coffee lovers.
The cafe is a hidden gem and rising star cafe situated in Frederick Way, A’Beckett Street, Melbourne CBD.

The place is very clean, bright with modern interior design.
The vibe and atmosphere is very cosy and comfortable.
Once you sip a coffee from this shop or enjoy their sweets, you don’t want to move anywhere.
In addition, the customer service is very nice, friendly and attentive.


We’re glad to be invited by Charisma Workshop to taste their desserts, brunch dishes and coffee.
We came on the weekend few hours after the lunch time, surprisingly it was still busy and people kept coming to enjoy their desserts and coffee.
As soon as we arrived, we were lured by the beautiful desserts, we ordered and secured Earl Grey & Blackcurrant Dome and Love Me Tender before we ordered our main menu.
Charisma Workshop is a perfect haven and “Go To” place for dessert lovers 🙂



Anyway, we ordered:
– Confit Dug Leg (Mushroom, sweet potato and pumpkin mash, coffee red wine reduction, tomato marshmallow, Parmesan)
The Confit Dug Leg was greatly presented and very appealing.
The salad served on the side was fresh and well seasoned.
The duck skin was served crispy and duck meat was very tender and smooth.
The pumpkin mash was really delicious, smooth and had a great texture.
The mushrooms were juicy, tender and well seasoned, Yummmmmmmmyyy …
They also generously served 🙂
The coffee red wine reduction sauce was another key, it comes into perfection when you pour the sauce on top of the duck and eat while it was still warm.
It’s a must to try their Confit Dug Leg when you have a chance to come to Charisma Workshop.


– Soft Shell Crab Egg Benedict (Deep fried soft shell crab, poached eggs, wilted spinach, pickled radish, citrus yuzu hollandaise, sourdough)
The soft shell crab was perfectly deep fried and well seasoned.
The seasoning was just right as you can still taste the original taste of the soft shell crab.
It was served in decent portion with the perfectly cooked of poached eggs.
This one was amazing dish, we couldn’t determine which dish is the winner today 🙂
Both dishes were stunning!


– Mango and Raspberry Smoothies (Mango, raspberry, apple juice, Charisma vanilla ice-cream)
Have you ever tried the very thick and rich smoothies? Your smoothies make you full straight away and have no appetite to have your main dish?
This one was different, the taste was still rich, refreshing and smooth but not too thick which is great.
We could enjoy our smoothies after or when we’re having our main dish.
What a perfect companion for us when the weather outside was slightly warm.


– Iced Matcha with Milk
They’re using the Matcha imported from Japan and it’s one of the best iced matcha we’ve ever tried in Melbourne.
It wasn’t too sweet and bitter, it was just perfectly balance and you can still have a strong and nice smell of the matcha.
This one was recommended for you to order !!


– Earl Grey & Blackcurrant Dome (Earl grey bavarian cream, Blackcurrant Cremeux, Bergamot Jelly, Almond Sponge)
– Love Me Tender (Coco barry guayaquil chocolate mousse, Mandarin cream, Orange financier sponge)
Their desserts were presented beautifully 🙂
Not only the look but both of them had impeccable taste and great texture.
It was creamy but not too much, as soon as you see their desserts. You won’t be able to say NO!!!


We also had a chance to try their coffee (Cappuccino), the coffee was smooth, nicely brewed and perfect balance.
The temperature was just right and it was very balance and flavorful.
Great food, great coffee and great desserts.
What a lovely day 🙂


Overall, we had an absolutely amazing experience having brunch and indulge our tummy with their desserts.
We can’t wait to come back to try other desserts and their iced matcha again 🙂
We’re surprised to find out how good all the food, desserts and coffee, what a stunning cafe and will be added
to our favorite place to go.

Taste: 4.5
Service: 4.5
Speed: 4.0

Yay: Iced Matcha with Milk, Confit Dug Leg, Soft Shell Crab Egg Benedict
Nay: N/A

Location: 3 Frederick Way, A’Beckett Street, CBD, VIC
Phone: 03 8592 4914

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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