Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen, Dockland

Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen conveniently located under Pan Pacific Hotel and next to DFO Southwharf.
It’s a fancy looking restaurant/bar, our first impression of this place was very promising.
The vibe and ambience were absolutely fantastic.
Customer service was friendly, nice and attentive.

We’re given a voucher to have fine dine and I used this opportunity to celebrate our anniversary in this nice restaurant.
Hmmm, it didn’t work quite well!! have a look what’s going on.

We ordered:
– 400gm rib eye steak on the bone (Char grilled with veal jus) with french fries for $45.50.
The plating was alright for a fine dine dish, nothing special. It didn’t look appealing honestly.
Let’s put aside that one because it’s not too important, you can’t judge the book from the cover right?
Anyway, the rib eye steak was grilled as requested “Medium Rare”, it’s perfectly executed.
Unfortunately, the taste was under seasoned, tried with the wine reduction sauce and it won’t make a lot of different.
The steak was tough and very fatty.
I’d expect better quality of the rib eye for this value spent. I couldn’t finish the steak and what a waste 😦
For this value, I’d expect a tender, juicy and well seasoned steak!


– 3 course meal offered by Dock 37 for $55.00 includes a glass of house wine (we chose red wine)
* Creamed clam chowder (South Australian clams, pernod, dill flavours)
The entree came first as expected. The clam was fresly and perfectly cooked.
Unfortunately, the sauce wasn’t creamy, it’s very watery and too much seasoning (too salty).
It was served with generous size of breads. They’re served warm and fresh, but slightly too oily.
We’re thinking that we can enjoy the sauce by dipping it with bread to neutralise the taste, unfortunately it was still too salty.
Not a good impression for the starter on that day, we spoke with the customer staffs.
She confirmed that couple of other customers complained about the taste of the dishes on that day.


* 200gm Grilled Tasmanian Salmon Fillet (Grilled lemon, wild lime dressing)
The Salmon was nicely cooked and well seasoned.
Unfortunately, wild lime dressing ruined the overall taste. It was too sweet.
Another let down!
I felt bad to choose this place to celebrate our third anniversary.


* Banana creme brulee (Salted caramel ice-cream, chocolate macaron)
The banana creme brulee was better compared to other dishes. It wasn’t the best we’ve ever tried.
Macaroon served wasn’t fresh 😦


Overall, we’re pretty disappointed with the food on that day.
What a shame that We thought that we would have great time celebrating our third anniversary in this beautiful restaurant.
We wouldn’t recommend for you to celebrate something if you’re after the good food;
However, if you want to have drinks and side dish only, You can add this restaurant if your ‘Go To’ place.
Again, the service was fantastic unfortunately the food was little bit dissappointment.

Taste: 2.0
Price: 2.0
Speed: 3.0
Service: 4.0

Yay: The customer service
Nay: 400gm rib eye steak on the bone, Creamed clam chowder, 200gm Grilled Tasmanian Salmon Fillet

Location: 2 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne
Price: 03 9027 2122

#whatepieats smilesmile

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