Billy’s Central, Melb CBD (Invited)

Billy Central is a newly hidden gem cafe located in level 2 Melbourne Central CBD.
The cafe has a pretty good business concept by having their coffee machine and desserts displayed in the busy footbridge that links between Emporium and Melbourne Central;
Surely, it attracts people to come and sip their coffee.

It’s well decorated mainly with the indoor plants and modern minimalist interior design.
You have two seating options, it’s wide open in the middle of the shopping mall (still secluded area) or  a typical private cafe seating.
The customer staffs were nice and friendly. The vibe and ambience was fantastic and very cosy.


We’re glad to be invited and be a guest of Billy’s Central cafe.
To start off our food journey, we ordered cappuccino and Avocado smoothies(avocado, honey, frozen yogurt and almond milk).
The coffee was nicely made, the taste was pretty balance. It was a decent capuccino.


The fact that Avocado is pretty expensive in Australia, they managed to make it so perfect and balance for this value without losing the original taste of avocado.
The smoothies wasn’t too thick but it had very rich taste combined with honey, frozen yogurt and almond milk.
This one is very recommended to order.

For the main dishes, we ordered:
– Billy’s Big Breakfast
(Grilled mini steak, house made hash brown, eggs, filed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,
bacon and sweet potato fritters on sourdough, multigrain or gluten free toast)
Billy’s Big Breakfast was nicely presented and generously served.
We ordered with the poached eggs and they were perfectly cooked.
The mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and mini steak were perfectly grilled and well seasoned.
The home made hash brown was perfecly deep fried served with the nice golden color and it wasn’t oily / greasy.
You can’t go wrong by ordering Billy’s Big Breakfast and it’s an absolutely good value for this quality.
We reckoned it would be better to have a slightly thinner version of the potato fritters.
Other than that, everything was great.


– Soft Shell Crab Benedict Croissant
(Tempura soft shell crab benedict croissant served with crispy kale, poached eggs,
golden beetroot hollandise and green chilli jam)
The soft shell crab delivered on a delicately crispy coating and served in generous portion.
Literally, it was big and got whole of soft shell crab.
The Croissant itself was pretty big covering the soft shell crab.
We really enjoyed and had great time while having the Soft Shell Crab Benedict Croissant.
The taste was absolutely stunning and scrumptious taste. From the presentation, generosity up to the taste was absolutely above the standard.
Worth to try and great value to spend for this decent food.


– Espresso Banana Egg Waffle
(Fresh mixed berry compote ricotta Mascarpone cheese, organic maple and chocolate pour sauce)
Again, generous portion of fresh fruits served on top of the infused egg waffle.
The presentation wise was slightly messy but the taste was really good and balance.
You need to eat this as soon as it’s served or else it would get soggy if you leave it for a while.
Great dish to come at last for your dessert time 🙂


Overall, we surely had a great time in our dining experience with Billy’s Central and definitely will come anytime soon 🙂

What Epi Eats would like to say thank you to the management, staffs and manager for showing their great customer service and generous hospitality.

Yay: Billy’s Big Breakfast, Soft Shell Crab Benedict Croissant, Espresso Banana Egg Waffle, generous portion, great customer service
Nay: N/A

Service: 4.5
Taste: 4.0
Speed: 4.0

Location: Melbourne Central, Shop 220A, Level 2, 211 La Trobe Street, CBD
Phone: 03 6122 0317

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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