Saigon Soul, Ascot Vale (Invited)

Saigon Soul is a casual semi-fine dining Vietnamese restaurant tuck in the busy Union Road, Ascot Vale.
The restaurant is quite spacious, it has two sections indoor and the courtyard which makes this restaurant a versatile spot to organise any sort of private events.
We’re excited to attend the invitation by Saigon Soul, Ascot Vale.
When we came, there was a wedding event at the courtyard!

The customer staffs were polite, nice and friendly.
The vibe and atmosphere of this restaurant was amazing and very cosy.
The hallway wall (to the courtyard) is nicely decorated with the twinkling fairy lights and black & white traditional Photos taken in Vietnam.

We ordered:
– Roti Bread with home-made satay(peanut, soy, caramel, garlic, spring onion, chili, curry)
The taste home-made satay sauce was amazing; We couldn’t stop dipping this sauce with anything.
The taste was very balance and wasn’t too sweet; it wasn’t too thick either and the texture was great.
We know that not everyone loves the taste / smell of garlic and spring onion, the taste blended in perfectly and you won’t notice those flavors.
The spiciness inside the sauce was just right (mild) and not too overpower so that you can still enjoy the original taste of the rolls and peanut sauce.
Unfortunately, the roti bread was slightly under cooked; it was glumpy and little bit sticky.
Anyway, it didn’t change the overall enjoyment because of the satay sauce covered up all the imperfection.

– Fresh Rice Paper Rolls (2 pcs) – Char-xiu (red cabbage, plain cabbage, lettuce, Vietnamese basil & toasted peanuts)
It’s very decent rice paper rolls, everything served fresh and good quality.
The rice noodles inside the Rice Paper Rolls were perfectly cooked;
This restaurant didn’t miss the basic principle of rice paper rolls.
The portion was pretty generous and balance proportion with other ingredients inside the roll.
The protein (Char-xiu) was perfectly thin sliced, well cooked and had balance taste.
Overall, it comes into perfection when you dip this one with their home-made sauce.
Surely, It’s a perfect option for a starter dish.

Main + Drink
– East Meet West – Grilled Chicken with chili, garlic, lemongrass & coleslaw topped with mixed herbs.
The chicken was perfectly grilled and well seasoned. The dish was well plated 🙂
The protein was very tender, soft and succulent. It was a decent quality of the protein (less fat).
The taste was balance and flawless. Coleslaw served on the side was fresh with the right proportion of salad dressing.
Overall, it’s great main dish and recommended!

– Lucky Lucky Duck – Fried Marinated Duck with the home-made orange honey sauce.
The duck was deep fried perfectly and not oily when served.
It was served in generous portion, warm and crispy.
The meat was very tender, soft and decent quality (less fat).
Honestly, the home-made orange honey sauce wasn’t our liking because it was slightly too strong for us.
From our point of view, the taste of duck itself was really great.

– Vietnamese Coffee

Overall, both East Meet West and Lucky Lucky Duck were a simple dish, but they managed to execute both dishes perfectly. Good job!!
Definitely, a recommended place to go when you’re around Ascot Vale.

Yay: Fresh Rice Paper Rolls, East Meet West, Lucky Lucky Duck
Nay: N/A

Location: 175 Union Road, Ascot Vale, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8899 6645

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