Aunty Franklee, Hawthorn (Invited)

Aunty Franklee situated strategically just a minute walking distance from Hawthorn Station, accessible by public transport (Tram / Train) and plenty on street car parks available for private vehicles along Burwood Road.
We’re glad to be invited to dine and looking forward to have experience in Aunty Franklee, Hawthorn.
Been a while to find a great Malaysian restaurant and finally found one, wanna know more ???

We came there on the weekend, it was very busy as expected.
As soon as we arrived, we loved with the interior design of the place; it was clean, minimalist, bright and many indoor plants placed to make this place looks greener.
The customer staffs were very nice, friendly and attentive though it’s busy night.
The menu selection in Aunty Franklee, Hawthorn is different from the CBD one; This one has more variety and perfect for sharing with friends and family.
The place was very cosy and comfortable ambience.

We ordered:
– Orange Iced Tea and Milk Iced Tea.
It’s light and not too sweet drink and a perfect drink for us as we don’t like the strong taste.
We prefer the orange iced tea compared to milk iced tea because it gave us a unique experience drink.

– Skewers Chicken (meat of chicken thigh, seasoned with turmeric and onions).
The skewers chicken was perfectly grilled and had a nice color.
The meat was very tender, moist and had a nice aromatic smell.

– Grilled Eggplants Rolls (grilled eggplant rolled over fried tempeh, seasoned with crispy mix of lemongrass, shallot, fennel, galangal season).
Nicely thin cut and grilled of the eggplants, well seasoned and had balance taste.
Unfortunately, the tempeh was too thick and slightly underseasoned if you eat the tempeh by itself.
We reckon a slightly thinner cut and little bit marinated of the tempeh would make this dish better.
However, it won’t change the overall taste if you eat together.

– Grilled “bakars” Short Beef Ribs (beef ribs braised in herbs and spices on chargrill served with pickled purple cabbage).
It’s recommended by Aunty Franklee staffs, very spot on!!
The beef ribs were perfectly grilled and had appealing dark color from the homemade sauces that bring all the flavours together.
The texture was slightly solid and it’s not similar to pulled dish style which is not very easy to cut the meat from the bone.
The protein was very tender, well seasoned and juicy.
It was executed perfectly, good job chef!! Must try!!!

– Dry Bak Kut Teh (pork meats braised in the 23 herbs pork bone broth and work-fried in a dark sauce of dried squid, garlic and chillis accompanied
by okra, taro, lotus roots).
If you love something spicy, you’ll have to try this Dry Bak Kut Teh. It’s not too spicy but gave little bit hot flavors.
The pork meats were tender, moist, soft and not dry.
The portion was pretty generous and nicely presented.
It wasn’t overcooked and well seasoned. The protein was blent in perfectly with all herbs and sauces.
Everything was perfectly cooked inclding the okra, taro and lotus roots.
Yummmm, a recommended dish to order!!

– Mother Hen Soup (slow cooked chicken soup with 5 kinds of mushrooms).
The soup base had rich text infused with different kinds of mushrooms.
It’s simple dish executed perfectly, the mushrooms and chickens were not overcooked.
It was well seasoned and had a balance taste.

– Char Kuey Tiaw (noodles wok fried, a smoky indulging fragrance with prawns, fish cake, chinese sausage, egg, chives, beansprout and pork lard (optional).
MUST try this one!! it’s the best Char Kuey Tiaw we’ve ever tried.
Every single thing was executed perfectly. The portion was very generous and balance between the noodles and other seafood.
It was very aromatic and the taste was absolutely fantastic; surely, won’t get disappointed with this dish.
Note: Chinese sausage and pork lard (authentic taste) were amazing 🙂

– Papaya Ice Cream (homemade ice cream with tropical flavours of papaya, coconut and condenced milk).
It’s a simple dessert placed in cute small jar; You’ll see sprinkled of kellog cereal crumbs the first time you open the container.
The texture is nice and it wasn’t too sweet either.
When you’re visiting this restaurant, have a try this dessert.

Overall, we had great experiences dine in Aunty Franklee, Hawthorn. It a perfect place for a homie hearty meal that won’t disappoint you.
Definitely, one of the best Malaysian restaurants we’ve ever tried and we will add this place in one of our list of our favourite places to go.

PS. Special thanks for Fiorn Lee and staffs for inviting us. We truly enjoyed and had great experience.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 4.5
Speed: 4.5

Yay: Grilled “bakars” Short Beef Ribs, Dry Bak Kut Teh, Mother Hen Soup, Papaya Ice Cream, Char Kwe Tiaw
Nay: N/A

Location: 64 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9818 6719

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