Lover, Windsor (Invited)

Lover Restaurant/Bar located in the busy street Chapel street, Windsor *few minutes walking distance from Windsor Station.
By end of 2017, Will and his brother James Newton transformed this place from previously bright and white Uncommon cafe to the dark and intimate dining venue.
The place is easily accessible by public transport or even by private vehicle, plenty of street car parks.

We’re delighted to be invited by Lover to have dine in experience.
As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by Will who’s working on the floor to help out that night.
It was very busy on the weekend but we’re lucky that we reserved the place earlier.
The customer service was friendly and nice, they were also very attentive though it’s on busy night and knowlegable about the food/drinks.
We loved the intimate atmosphere and ambience, perfect to have date / dine in with friends.

They have plenty of interesting cocktail drinks, we’re suggested by the friendly customer staff to order one of their most popular cocktails.
It’s Garden River (42 below manuka vodka, vodka, lime juice, passion fruit, garden herb foam).
It was beautifully presented and the taste was absolutely amazing; fantastic lime and passion fruit delight flavour.
Loved this cocktail! it was so freshing and had a balance taste of sweet and sour from lime juice.
The fragrance was also nice.

– Croquettes (provolone, spring onion, avruga).
Croquettes had a cute presentation with a small dipping mayonaisse to make this one even
It was very crispy and crunchy from outside but very soft from inside.
The Croquettes were very creamy; The taste was very balance and rich, everything was perfectly blended in together.
It was a perfect starter dish, it was light and tasty entree.
Definitely recommended this entree!!

– Pretzel (fried chicken, fermented chilli, cheddar cheese).
If you like a slightly spicy entree, there you go! This one is a perfect for you.
It’s filled with crispy fried chicken, fermented chilli and cheddar chesse, packed full of flavour.
The chicken was perfectly deep fried and it wasn’t oily, well seasoned and had a balance taste.
Loved how they toasted the bread, it had a little bit crispy texture from outside but it was very soft in your first bite.
I reckoned the chicken was slightly smaller compared to the bread served; thus, when you eat the pretzel as a whole, the taste of chicken was little bit toned down.
Honestly, it doesn’t change the overall taste because the fried chicken itself was very delicious!
Happy to recommend this dish.

– Prawn toast (chorizo, wonder bread).
The prawn toast was served warm, crispy from outside and very soft inside.
The taste was very delicate, creamy and well seasoned.
Initially, we kind of expecting the prawn on top of the bread but it’s actually more like a toast with the creamy mash potato style mixed with blended prawn on top.
Enjoyed the great crunch from the toast, nicely done!
We could taste the delicate taste of chorizo inside the Prawn toast and blended in perfectly.
Unfortunately, it was slightly oily; it would be another perfect dish if it had little bit longer drainage.
It doesn’t change the fact that it had fantastic taste!

We noticed that the food came was very consistent, despite the busy night.
They didn’t let you eat rush by serving all entree dishes in one go, instead they let you take your time to enjoy
each of the entree before they brought you another one.
We had really great impression by their service.

– Pan-fried gnocchi (zucchini, basil, fresh cheese).
The gnocchi was one of the superstar dishes in Lover, they do have the gnocchi night every Wednesday.
What a great deal and always packed full of customers on Wednesday ($25 for a gnocchi and a glass of wine).
Couldn’t agree more that this dish was very stunning.
The gnocchi was perfectly half pan fried to add a great texture. On one side was little bit crispy while another one was tender and soft.
It was flavourful dish and had a perfect balance.
Surely, Pan-fried gnocchi was the highlight of the night **Recommended!!.

– Stracciatella (pine mushroom, grains, tarragon).
Stracciatella served in Barley grains misxed with tarragon and cheese with the pine mushrooms and fried kale on top.
The dish was nicely presented and very appealing.
At glance, Stracciatella looked like the rissotto style of dish but it had different texture, the grains were chewy.
The mushrooms were cooked well; They’re tender and soft.
Unfortunately, the mushrooms were slightly over seasoned.
Honestly, it wasn’t our liking compared to the gnocchi ordered.

Overall, we had an amazing experience in Lover, Windsor. Great food, impressive selection of cocktails and other drinks, exceptional service.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Will Newton and team to give us really great dining experience.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 4.0
Speed: 4.0

Yay: Croquettes, Pretzel, Prawn toast, Pan-fried gnocchi.
Nay: Prawn toast was little bit oily.

Phone: 03 8592 6987
Location: 60 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne

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