Benny Burger, Richmond (Invited)

Benny Burger “The Ethical Burger” owned by Shannon Bennet, Vue De Monde’s chef located in the busy Swan Street, Richmond.
The idea of having his own burger shop coming from the Shannon’s favourite memories growing
up was the weekend ritual of his Dad, Benny Bennett, throwing burgers on the barbie.

The shop is easily accessible by public transport (Tram/Train) as well as using private vehicles
(plenty of on street parking spots).
Why is it called “The Ethical Burger”?
Shannon reckons that Benny Burger is the only Burger shop that all ingredients are all organically or ethically produced.
Everything produced at Benny is Australian, or where possible, completely local.
Wanna know uncle Benny? Have a look in at the front of the menu photo or in the cool artwork on the wall inside the shop.

We’re delighted to be invited by Benny Burger to have our food journey experience.
As soon as we arrived to Benny Burger shop, we’re welcomed by the friendly customer staff.
The customer service was oustanding, attentive and knowledgeable.
The vibe and ambience was great and cosy.

The shop is very spacious and you can choose many different spots and activities to do while waiting for your order.
If you like sports / watching TV, you can pick a spot close to the big screen.
If you love playing games especially, arcade (old school) game (Pacman, Donkey Kong, etc) like us; You can choose the spot with the table attached to the  arcade game machine.
If you don’t like both, you can simply read the newspaper style of their menu where you can read the interesting history behind Benny Burger.

Here in my blog, I will attach the photo of their menu since it’s little bit blurry on Zomato.

For the drinks, we ordered Fresh Orange Juice and Organic Kombucha Apple Crisp;

The food:
– Potato Cake (side dish)
The potato cake was perfectly deep fried;
It was very crispy, crunchy from outside and soft, fluffly from the inside.
Unfortunately, it was slightly oily and over seasoned.

– Mr Fun-Gi (125g Wagyu beef, local cheddar, crispy onion rings, pickles, sauteed mushrooms & onions, zippy tomato sauce).
The beef patty was perfectly grilled (medium rare, beautiful color).
It was very succulent, juicy and perfectly seasoned.
The sauteed mushrooms were also cooked and seasoned well.
The top part of the bun was soft and inside was perfectly grilled as you could taste the crisp.
Onions played the main role as they produced nice smell coming from the burger and slightly sweet taste, perfectly blended in with other sauces.
Mr Fun-Gi is a filled with the combination of beef, mushrooms, cheese and onions, all delivering a good balance of flavour.
Tips: for the insta-lover, please don’t keep retaking the photos on this one or else the Mr Fun-Gi for awhile the burger would become slightly watery!
From our opinion, Respect the food and you’ll be respecting the chef, that’s very important – 101 food lover.

– The Inferno (Wagyu beef, local cheddar, fried pickled jalapenos, pickled onion, red chilli, avocado, tomato, firecracker mayo).
Again, the beef patty was perfectly grilled (medium rare, beautiful color); very consistent!
The patty was tender, juicy and had good texture.
Jalapeno, pickled onion, red chilli and others were blended in perfectly.
You could simply taste the freshness of all ingredients inside the burger.
Everything was perfectly executed, absolutely a recommended burger to order when you come to Benny Burger.

Both burgers were delicious and yummy!
If we have to choose, we’d say that The Inferno was the winner compared to Mr Fun-Gi from our opinion.
Honestly, you don’t have to add more tomato or bbq sauce because all burgers were perfectly seasoned and had balance taste already. Everything was just right and spot on.

Overall, we had an absolute great experience in Benny Burger. We’d definitely come to visit this shop at anytime soon to try other burgers.
We’re intriqued to try their “Burger of The Month” **everything is suprise** hmmmmm…. the price? the burger? what’s inside the burger?
so mysterious, no one knows but the Executive Chef Justin James.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Benny Burger team for the invite and fantastic service.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 4.0
Service: 4.0
Speed: 4.0

Yay: The Inferno, Mr Fun-Gi
Nay: Potato cake was slightly over seasoned and little bit oily.

Location: 95 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 8592 6943

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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