Basta, Fitzroy (Invited)

Basta situated in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, one of the most popular suburbs in Melbourne saturated with bars and good restaurants.
Basta (specializing in an authentic Italian cuisines) has been operating for almost 15 months since Carrie and her partner Fabio changed the name from previously “Casa Ciuccio”
(mixed European cuisines).

Basta comes from Italian word meaning ‘to be enough, be sufficient’ which is very appropriate to describe the character of the food and restaurant.
The food is humble, simple, spot on and delicious, made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant is very clean, comfortable and has several sections – at the front you can find a small dining area that could fit between 2-4 people,
a bar dining in the middle of open kitchen and upstairs can be used for private function.
The feel of this restaurant is very warm, exposed with brick and wood.
When it comes to the menu you can choose the antipasti, paste and secondi or the offer for those combination.
For those who are not familiar with the term “antipasti” (the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal), paste (pasta) and secondi (mostly meat dishes).

The restaurant is accessible by public transport (tram) and plenty of on the street car parks.
As soon as we came, we’re welcomed by Carrie (co-owner) who was working on that day.
The customer service was very outstanding, we could see that many regular customers had good relationships with her.
Honestly, the customer staffs were genuinely friendly and nice; They’re also very attentive.
The vibe and ambience were really comfortable and cosy with the nice background music to increase your mood while enjoying their food.

At first, we ordered drinks while browsing their antipasti, paste and secondi.
– Sidro del bosco 6% – Italy (Cider)
– Raspberry Mojito (Mocktails)
It’s a combination of raspberry puree, mint, soda, lemonade & lime.
The taste was stunning and so freshing, the presentation was nice and colorful.

– Arancini (arborio rice balls, pumpkin & gorgonzola)
The arancini was perfectly deep fried and it wasn’t oily.
It was served warm and crispy from outside; From the inside, it was perfectly cooked.
The puree was really delicious made of pumpkin and the texture was very smooth.
The overall taste was superb and so amazing. You should try this entree, absolutely recommended!!

– Polpette (beef & pork meatballs, potato puree, tomato sugo)
The presentation was very nice and appealing.
They’re made with beef and pork with the tomato sugo drizzled on top of the meatballs and cheese slightly melted to add the extra flavour.
The texture was firm and smooth from the inside. The meetballs were well seasoned, tasty and had a rich taste.
We loved every single bite of the meatballs as they’re juicy and succullent.
Another fantastic Antipasi from Basta **Recommended!

– Pappardelle Integrali Al Maiale Al Latte
(house-made wholemeal pappardelle, free range suckling pig cooked in milk, orange, pecorino & fresh herbs)
The pasta was perfectly cooked, proudly and freshly made in-house.
The sauce was creamy but not too strong and not too heavy. The protein was nicely cooked, soft and had smooth texture.
Every single thing on this dish was perfectly executed.

– Porchetta (free range rolled roasted pork, potato & turnmeric puree, burnt butter carrots)
*On that day, we had a lamb shoulder instead of roasted pork.
The protein was beautifully tender and flavoursome with combination of other ingredients.
It was so tender, succullent and juicy; Some people might not be able to stand the strong smell of the lamb,
we hardly find the strong smell coming from the lamb meat;
If you’re that type of person, all good – you can still enjoy this dish!!
What a delicious and delicate dish! Another fantastic dish for you to try when you’re visiting Basta.

– Dulce de Leche Panna Cotta (caramel sauce, hazelnut soil & chocolate ganache)
Finally, we’d like to end our food journey with their dessert, all dishes served tonight were flawless!
The dessert was beautifully presented and very appetizing.
The toasted hazelnut adds a nice texture and nuttiness to the dessert and the panna cotta is complemented by the rich, smooth and not too sweet of chocolate ganache.
Another flawless dish served tonight and the best Panna Cotta we’ve ever had so far!

Ahhh one more thing, they gave us the complementary in-house bread with the high quality olive oil from Mount Zero Olives.
The bread was perfectly made, so fluffy; It gave an extra depth of flavour when you dipped with the olive oil.
Yummmmyyyy!!! No doubt, it’s a 5.0/5.0 from us and added this restaurant to our favourite Italian restaurant lists.

Every dish was meticulously made and they put so much thought in every single details. You won’t get any disappointments dine in Basta, Fitzroy.
Despite of the meaning ‘Enough’ (Basta), they did much more than enough and put so much thought to their dishes.
Overall, we had great time having dinner in Basta, Fitzroy and it’s worth visiting this Italian restaurant when you’re around Fitzroy.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Carrie and Basta, Fitzroy team for the invite, fantastic service and amazing dishes!

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Yay: Arancini, Polpette, Pappardelle Integrali Al Maiale Al Latte,  Porchetta, Dulce de Leche Panna Cotta
Nay: N/A

Location: 15 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8657 8542

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