The White Elephant, West Footscray (Invited)

The White Elephant is a family business restaurant specialising in Sri Lankan cuisines.
This restaurant situated in the busy Barkly street, West Footscray;
It is accessible by public transport (approx. 15 min walking distance from West Footscray Station) and plenty of on the street car park spots if you prefer to use private vehicle.
We’re so delighted and excited for the invite to White Elephant and it’s the first time for us to try the Sri Lankan food.
Let’s find out …

As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by the friendly customer staff.
The restaurant is very spacious and suitable to organise private function / event.
The vibe, ambience and atmosphere of the restaurant were great and cosy with the nice background music played to add your mood
while enjoying the good food unlike other typical restaurants that serve traditional foods.


The friendly staff gave us heads up that most of dishes except starter would take 15-20 mins waiting time, because everything is freshly prepared and cooked.
Therefore, she recommended us to order starter while waiting for the main dishes.
I reckoned it’s really positive and great to give the customer heads up of the waiting time.
Surely, the service was outstanding and attentive.

All dishes in White Elephant are available in different level of spiciness : mild, medium and hot.
We have pretty good spicy food tolerance, personally medium is hot enough for us and we can still enjoy the food.
So if you’re unsure about your level of spicy food tolerance, I’d suggest that you choose the mild one.

The menu comprises of 6 sections: Starters, Roti, Rice and Noodles, Meat, Vegetables and Seafood.
Both vegetarian or non vegetarian can definitely come to White Elephant.
To start off our food journey, we ordered the following dishes:
– Roti with Trio of Dips (raita, lentils, coconut sambol)
**On that day, they served caramelised onions dipping made in Sri Lankan style instead of lentils
The roti was perfectly fried and it wasn’t oily.
The taste of the roti was very balance.
The yogurt in the raita wasn’t too sour and it mixed perfectly with other ingredients (It gave you slightly bit spiciness, really mild).
On the other hand, the coconut sambol gave you just enough kick of spiciness (mild – medium). Very aromatic dipping and had a nice texture.
Finally, the caramelised onions (Sri Lankan style) gave you a more kick in terms of the spiciness compared to the other dips. It’s very aromatic and well seasoned.
Which one was the best? We couldn’t decide because each of the dipping had their own character.
Pretty generous portion and it’s a perfect starter dish!!!


Rice and Noodles
– Yellow Rice (fragrant rice cooked with saffron coconut milk and spices)
The Yellow Rice served in traditional silver bowl and nicely presented.
The rice was perfectly cooked, soft and very aromatic.
It’s buttery and silky texture. The taste was very delicious.
It’s one of the best food we’ve ever tried comparison to other similar cuisines!
Recommended to order!


– Chicken Curry (chicken cooked with exotic spices and coconut cream)
The chicken was soft, tender and well cooked.
It was also well marinated and the sauce soaked perfectly inside the chicken.
The texture of the curry was slightly thick and had rich taste.
The chef did such an amazing job to make this simple dish absolutely fantastic.


– Lamb Curry
On the other hand, the lamb curry sauce was slightly lighter compared to the chicken curry.
Normally, we couldn’t stand the smell of lamb thus we don’t normally order lamb.
We didn’t order the lamb dish but it was served because the chef wanted us to try their lamb curry.
Suprisingly, we loved it!!! They managed to supress the strong smell from the lamb.
The lamb was very tender, juicy and soft. It had a balance taste and well seasoned.

– Eggplant Moju (twice cooked eggplant sauteed in a blend of spices with a twist of cinnamon)
The eggplant was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and balance taste.
The dish was very aromatic from the blend of authentic Sri Lanka spices.
You could smell the spiciness coming from this dish.
The taste was very fresh and little bit sour from Tamarind.
Definitely a recommended dish for a vegetarian food.


– Crab Curry (crabs cooked with chilli flakes aromatic spices and coconut milk)
The crab was perfectly cooked and the taste of the crab infused to the sauce.
It was really fresh, juicy and not dry at all and the sauce had really rich taste.
It’s one of the best crab dishes we’ve ever tried.
Everything was meticulously made and put so much thought to it.

Overall, we had really great time dine in the White Elephant, we’re stunned by their fantastic dishes.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Jessica, Mom (Miss Sonali / Head Chef) and The White Elephant team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Yay: Roti with Trio of Dips, Yellow Rice, Chicken Curry, Eggplant Moju, Potato Curry, Crab Curry
Nay: N/A

Service: 5.0
Taste: 5.0
Speed: 4.0

Location: 561 Barkly Street, West Footscray, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8658 3421

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