Vamos, Little Bourke – Melb CBD (Invited)

Vamos is an authentic Spanish restaurant/bar located on Little Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD close to Parliament Station.
We’re delighted to be invited by Vamos to try their new menu which is more fresh, more funky and surely more delicious.

When we arrived to the building we saw a cool wall art showing the which level the Vamos restaurant is.
We’re welcome by Marcella and Juan who were working on that day.
The feel of this restaurant is very warm, intimate exposed with wood interior.
The vibe and atmosphere were fantastic and cosy with the live music to complement everything.
Honestly, the customer staffs are genuinely friendly to everyone.
The service was nice, friendly and attentive.

To start off our food journey, we ordered beer – Draft Estrella Damm (Spain) and white wine – Trentram River Retreat Sauvignon Blanc (VIC).

We ordered:
– Polenta chips (aioli, spicy Tapatio sauce).
The chips were perfectly deep fried and well seasoned with the appealing golden color.
Both seasoned chips and aioli dipping sauce complement each other to give you a balance taste of sour and savoury.
The chips were served warm and crispy from outside; Inside were perfectly cooked and had soft texture.
Definitely it’s recommended starter dish to try when you come to Vamos.

– Patatas bravas (spiced potatoes, chipotle aioli, bravas sauce).
Another potato dish that was perfectly executed.
It’s very aromatic and had rich taste with their home made seasoning which has similar texture as peri peri sauce.
The right amount of chipotle aioli drizzled on top of patatas bravas make this starter even better.
It gave you a truly bursts with full flavours of spiced potatoes.

What a perfect combination with chips and beer, always the best!
I ordered one interesting in-house mocktails, Coconut Mojito (A twist, including 1800 Coconut Tequila and desiccated coconut).

– Scallops (black beans crisp, avocado and pork crackling)
The scallops were perfectly seared and well seasoned.
You could taste the freshness of the scallops; They’re also juicy and tender.
There were springle of pork crackling on top of the scallops, very crunchy.
We reckoned more seasoning given to pork crackling would be even better because it was slightly lack of taste.

– Crispy chicken taco (spiced chicken, nopales cactus salad, coriande & chilli dressing).
The chicken were generously served on top of the tacos.
It was nicely cooked and well seasoned. It was also very tender and soft.
The tacos served were fresh and crunchy.
You could taste the freshness of the combination of  nopales cactus salad, coriande & chilli dressing.

– Barramundi (zucchini & quinoa salad, lime & saffron dressing)
The barramundi was grilled well and perfectly seasoned; It wasn’t too salty and wasn’t dry.
The quinoa salad and zucchini had a light taste which was great to tone down the overall taste when you ate together with the fish.
We enjoyed every bite of the dish 🙂

– Pork belly (cumin, orange, sweet potato)
The pork belly was perfectly roasted and so did the sweet potato.
The outer part (pork skin) was well seasoned and very crispy; The meat was very soft, tender and juicy.
From our opinion, each individual dish was yummy by itself.
Unfortunately, we reckoned that it was slightly too sweet when you ate together because the base pork belly sauce was sweet already and it got sweeter when you ate sweet potato.

Our food journey was ended with the “Latin American creme caramel flan poached pear” dessert.
The dessert was amazing, tasty and wasn’t too sweet.
The poached pear balanced it out the sweetness from creme brulee thus it kept us going until we cleaned up the entire plate, yummmmyy!!
The was a delicious crispy part and surprisingly it was made from condensed milk, great job Vamos!

Overall, we had a great time trying Vamos’ newly introduced dishes.
Ohh do you know that Vamos is simply meaning “Let’s go” in Spanish, so what are you waiting for? “Let’s go to Vamos” ~~ `Vamos a Vamos`!!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Juan, Marcella and Vamos team to invite us. We had such an amazing night.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 4.0
Speed: 4.0
Service: 4.5

Location: 1st Floor, 37 Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 8657 8586

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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