Siam Tai, Bourke Street – Melb CBD (Invited)

Siam Thai is an authentic Thai restaurant located in the busy Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD.
This Thai restaurant brings variety of signature dishes from four corners of Thailand (Central, Northern, Northeast, Southern).
Each region has its own uniqueness, but it shares common elements of spicy, sour, sweet and salty.
We’re delighted to be invited by Siam Thai to have dine in experience.

When we arrived, we’re warmly greeted by the friendly customer staff.
It was a humbly looking restaurant, clean and bright.
The place is pretty spacious, it can cater the small or big group.
The customer service was nice, polite and attentive.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable.

As soon as we’re seated, we’re advised that they’ve already pre-ordered the dishes
for us, it was more like full course menu with entree, main and dessert.
We’re more than happy to be served based on recommended chef selection dishes and here is the following dishes:

– Nam Lam Yai (Longan Juice)
The longan juice was freshly served and it wasn’t too sweet. We just simply loved it!
– Cha Ma Nao (Thai Iced Lemon Tea)

– Chicken Popcorn Isaan
The chicken popcorn was perfectly deep fried and it wasn’t oily or greasy.
It was served warm, crunchy and crispy from outside; from the inside, it was soft and tender.
The chicken was well seasoned and had balance taste.
It was a simple dish but perfectly executed by Siam Thai team, good job!

– Bangkok Papaya Salad
The papaya salad was nicely presented and very appealing.
On top of the dish, there is a decorative chilli; I know it’s bit scary if you are not a spice tolerance person.
No worries, the taste was just mild, it’s more like sweet, sour and little bit spicy.
The overall taste was fresh, balance and perfectly seasoned.
All ingredients were freshly served (tomato, green beans, bean sprouts and others).
It had an aromatic and rich flavour.

– BBQ Pork Neck with Thai Salad
The meats were perfectly grilled (nice col and well seasoned.
Great quality of bbq pork neck, the pork was very tender, juicy and soft.
If you want to have a nice touch of sweet sour and spicy, you can use the sweet thai chilli dipping on the side.
Honestly, the taste of the grilled pork was a fantastic by itself;
It’s definitely a recommended dish to order if you’re visiting this restaurant.

– Khao Soi (Northern Thai Noodles) with Chicken
The noodles was perfectly cooked; it was still tender and chewy when it’s served.
The chicken inside was cooked well and enough seasoned;
It had light taste to balance out the strong taste of the soup.
The texture of the soup was slightly thick.
Tips: If you’re social media lover, worry not about taking too many photos on this dish because you need to eat this one while it’s warm.
If you love a sweet dish, you should go for a Northern part of Thailand; Khao Soi is one of them and surely a perfect dish for you.

– Soft Shell Crab Curry served with Crispy Roti
The dish was generously served with pretty large soft shell crabs.
It was also come with the crispy roti on the side, typical Southern part of Thai dish.
The roti was perfectly fried and had a balance taste.
The soft shell crab was perfectly deep fried and it was served crispy and crunchy from outside, from the inside was tender and juicy.
The texture of the curry wasn’t too thick, still creamy and had a rich taste.
Everything was executed really well on this dish and put so much thought on this dish.
It’s a MUST to order when you are visiting Siam Thai, Bourke Street **The highlight!**

Homemade Ice Cream Mango and Coconut.
The ice cream served in the cute glass perfectly fit a scoup of home made ice cream.
The taste was fantastic; It was creamy and the taste was rich.
The texture was smooth and soft.

Overall, we had a great time having dinner in Siam Thai and will add this restaurant in one of our  favourite list Thai place to go.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Siam Thai team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 4.0
Speed: 4.0
Service: 4.5

Yay: Soft Shell Crab Curry served with Crispy Roti, Chicken Popcorn Isaan, BBQ Pork Neck with Thai Salad
Nay: N/A

Location: 165 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
Phone: 03 8658 3516

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