Shanklin Cafe, Hawthorn East (Invited)

Shanklin cafe is a hidden gem and cute cafe located in Tooroonga road, Hawthorn East.
This cafe offers the great variety of all day brunch menu.
Brunch lovers, waking up late? No worries, you won’t ever miss your brunch menu in this cafe.
This funky little cafe is a family business run by Francis Chehade, his brother and his mate Aboudy Yaacoub.

We’re delighted to be invited to have Shanklin experiences.
It’s a humbly looking restaurant busy all the time and love by neighbourhood.
They have 3 different sections of your brunch spots: outdoor, semi outdoor and indoor.
The restaurant is very clean and bright. It looks vintage from outside, but modern from the inside with the minimalist interior design.


The customer staffs were so friendly, impeccable and attentive.
Again, they’re genuinely friendly to every customers and treat them as part of family.
The vibe and ambience were cosy and fantastic.


It was a busy weekend when I came visiting Shanklin cafe.
As soon as I came, I was welcomed by Francis (owner) who’s working on that day.
I ordered cappuccino while looking at the menu.
The cappuccino had decent and balance taste, it wasn’t too strong but enough to give a caffeine kick in the morning.

For the main dish, I ordered:
– Egg & Shanklish (signature dish)
It was served with two eggs, bacon, chorizo, spinach, mushrooms, grilled tomato, potato rosti, grilled halloumi & multigrain toast.
The Egg & Shaklish had really good presentation and great color combination that would surely increase your appetite. Not only the presentation wise, this signature dish had a fantastic taste.

The egg scramble was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The egg was creamy and also had rich taste.
The chorizo on the side was well executed and had balance taste. It was soft, tender and succulent the moment you ate the chorizo. The bread was perfectly toasted.
When you started cutting the eggs, inside you would find the spinach which was nicely executed and not overcooked.

On top of the dish, you find the sprinkle Lebanese cheese mixed the home made spicy that would add the extra cheesy flavour.
The cheese wasn’t too strong and overpowering, it worked really well when you eat everything together.
The texture of the cheese looks like the blue cheese but it’s slightly more dry.
Overall, everything was meticulously and perfectly executed! Great job!!!
Definitely, we’re happy to recommend this dish and it’s a mush to try!


– Nutella stuffed pancakes
It was served with strawberries, grilled banana & oreo crumbles and vanilla ice cream
Note: Shanklin generously donate $1 per dish to sustainable food projects.
I specifically requested to make a smaller portion of pancake because I don’t like wasting the food. If you have a chance to order this Nutella pancakes, the portion was very generous.

It was beautifully plated and surely a perfect dish to finish off your food journey.
The pancake was perfectly cooked, it was crispy on the outer part of the pancake; Soft and tender from the inside.
The vanilla ice cream was creamy and not too sweet which was really good.
On the side, you can find the fresh and good quality of strawberries drizzled with Nutella chocolate.
The overall taste was flavourful and super duper delicious!!!
Yummmmyyy, all dessert lovers couldn’t resist this food temptation.


Overall, I had really enjoyable Shanklin experience and great time, it is one of the best brunch spots we’ve ever tried.
The food, amazing coffee and the friendly service, all ticked!! There is just so much to love about Shanklin Cafe.
We’d definitely come back to try other dishes 🙂

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Francis and Shanklin team for the invite and great service.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Yay: Egg & Shanklish, Nutella stuffed pancakes, outstanding service
Nay: N/A

Phone: 03 8592 4640
Location: 500 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne

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