Bosozoku, South Yarra (Invited)

Bosozoku is a Japanese biker gangs inspired bar tucked in Bray Street, South Yarra.
It’s a cool looking, funky and fun bar where you can enjoy having beer, burgers, karaoke, sake, playing pool and table tennis.
Ohhh if you’re Nintendo lovers, yes there is a semi private room with Nintendo 64 console set up and ready for you to play while waiting for your food.
We’re delighted to be invited to try their newly revised winter menu.

The vibe and atmosphere were great, fun and funky.
This Japanese bar has spacious place and it’s perfect place to hang out with friends or have private event such as, birthday party or others.
I reckon it’s not suitable if you want to have fellowship with your family (parents) if you’re after the intimate place because the vibe is very young, loud and fun.
The service was good, it is not like a typical restaurant where you’re being spoiled;
It’s more self service concept, you order your food and drink at the bar.


I ordered:
– Waifumelon (Bubble Cup)
*Served with french vodka, watermelon, yuzu, green apple pearls.
The drink had nice combination color orange and green, looked very appealing.
It wasn’t too sweet, had fresh and rich flavour.
Loved the green apple pearls that’s the star of this drink.
This stunning drink is one of the most popular bubble cup menu in Bosozoku and definitely must to order.
It’s the highlight!!


– Big Black Burger
*Two wagyu beef patties + wasabi – charcoal bun
The beef patties were nicely grilled and well seasoned.
They’re juicy, soft texture and tender.
The patties weren’t dry which was really good.
The charcoal bun was fluffy and soft, loved it.
It’s a simple burger with coleslaw, double beef patties and wasabi sauce.
Honestly, I hardly taste the wasabi sauce on this burger. It’s still good and tasty though!


– Chicken Karage (Japanese KFC)
The chicken karage was perfectly fried and wasn’t oily or greasy.
On top of the chicken karage, they put coleslaw salad to give better presentation of the dish.
By default, the chicken karage served with the mayonnaise dipping sauce BUT you have request the Bosozoku style “Green Curry Sauce” to add extra flavour.
From my point of view, the chicken karage had rich flavour by itself, so mayonnaise would be a perfect companion;
If you love something stronger and have rich flavour, you can use the green curry sauce dipping.
It was served warm, crispy and crunchy from outside; From the inside, it was soft, tender and juicy.
Note: please request for additional Bosozoku style “Green Curry Sauce” for additional dipping on the side **on demand


– Boso Fries, Seaweed Salt
The fries were deep fried perfectly and generously served in efficient take away container.
It was served warm, crunchy and crispy.
I couldn’t find any soggy fries though leaving there for a while after playing Nintendo 64 – Mario Kart, Yeayyy!!!
The fries were also well seasoned and had balance taste.
It’s a simple dish for a bar but perfectly executed by Bosozoku team, good job!


Overall, I had pretty good time in Bosozoku.

Yay: Waifumelon (Bubble Cup), Boso Fries, Big Black Burger
Nay: Chicken Karage (less seasoning), Chicken Karage was slightly over seasoned

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Craig and Bosozoku’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 3.5
Service: 3.0
Speed: 4.0

Location: 34 Bray Street, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 8592 7398

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

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