The Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond

The Beer and Burger Bar perfectly situated in Swan Street, Richmond which is easily reachable by using public transport or private vehicle (plenty on the street car parks along this street).
From Melbourne Cricket Ground Stadium, it’s only 5-10 minutes walking distance.
No wonder, this place is always full pack of sport lovers on the weekend after the sport match.
We’re glad to be invited by Brian and the team to have food experience in this Bar.

The bar offers variety of international beers, craft beers, ciders and wines; Surely enough to satisfy the beer lovers as well as interesting burger options on different proteins to satisfy the meat lovers (beef, pork, lamb and chicken).
With the reasonable price and great quality of food and drinks, The Beer and Burger Bar (Richmond) becomes the “Go To” place for the local and other visitors from different suburbs.


The place is very spacious and it’s a versatile spot for any events for a small or big group such as, birthday party or others.
The customer service was nice and friendly.
The vibe and atmosphere were so cosy and comfortable with the nice  music playing at the background.


We ordered:
– Mac & Cheese Balls
– Crumbed Jalapenos
Both Mac & Cheese Balls and Crumbed Jalapenos were perfectly deep fried. They were served warm and not greasy at all.
This bar totally nailed the art of deep fried.
The Crumbed Jalapenos were crispy and crunchy from outside and it wasn’t overcooked from the inside.

The spicy kick of the Jalapenos against the creamy cheese sauce was an ideal balance.
Spicy?? Yes, it was!! beware if you’re not a spicy lover cause having this side dish would be a challenge for you;
However, for the spicy lover, it’s just amazing! well seasoned and had a balance taste.
Note: you can simply deseed the Jalapenos, it would definitely reduce the overall spiciness.

Same thing on the Mac & Cheese Balls, they’re crispy and crunchy from outside and perfectly executed from the inside.
It was creamy and tasty. The Mac & Cheese Balls served generously.
The taste was balance and well seasoned.
Each of this side dish served with the dipping on the side, honestly they’re pretty good by itself.
For us, we loved the authentic flavors coming from Jalapenos as well as the Mac & Cheese Balls, thus we didn’t use any dipping.
Both of these side dishes were absolutely recommended, perfect starter!

– The Collective (Beef, Chicken, Pork & Lamb Sliders)
It’s a miniature version where you can taste different type of protein offered by this bar.
* (mini) Chicken Burger
It’s a mini version of chicken burger with Southern fried chicken, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, smashed avo, tomato, lettuce & chipotle aioli.
* (mini) Cheese Burger
It’s a mini version of cheese burger with beef pattie, tomato sauce, swiss cheese, dijon mustard, gherkins & aioli.
* (mini) Slow Cooked Lamb Burger
It’s a mini version of slow cooked lamb burger with pulled lamb, smoked bacon, tomato, rocket, red onion, feta, harissa & yogurt.
* (mini) Roast Pork Burger
It’s a mini version of roast pork burger with pulled pork, grilled pineapple, apple relish, asian slaw, salted pork scratching & aioli.

We always seek quality and variety over quantity of the food, that’s one of the reasons why we ordered the collective.
Actually, it’s really great idea for those of you who can’t decide which burgers that you want to choose.
I know right? They offer plenty of tasty burgers!
The Collective served nicely in the wood plate and they’re all very cute.
The chicken burger was stunning! they nailed it.
Southern fried chicken was perfectly battered and deep fried. The taste was balance and well seasoned.
It did go well with other components inside the burger.

The Roast Pork Burger was also delicious. We hardly find the roast pork burger on a typical bar around Melbourne, they managed to offer and serve
the delicious roast pork burger.
The savory taste came from the skin pork mixed with the sweetness came from grilled pineapple.
It’s very creative and innovative burger introduced by The Beer and Burger Bar.

The Slow Cooked Lamb Burger was also tasty. It wasn’t the best that we’ve ever tried but it’s up to the standard.
The lamb was tender, moist and soft. The smell of the lamb wasn’t too strong either, they managed to suppress the smell.
Well seasoned and balance taste.

– The Buffalo Chicken Burger **Special
We had a high expectation on this special burger, the buffalo chicken burger.
It was served in generous portion with shredded buffalo chicken mixed with in-house coleslaw.
The taste was little bit sour for a burger!
The protein itself was soft and tender, however it was slightly blend by itself.
It wasn’t our liking to be honest because the taste of each component didn’t go pretty well.

– B.O.B (Beef pattie, beer battered chips, american & mozzarella cheese, gravy, lettuce, red onion & in-house sauce)
B.O.B is the star and highlight of the night; The burger was generously served and had a very appealing presentation.
We could say that this burger represents all other mainstream burgers on the menu (chicken & beef).
The beef patty served in generous portion, it was perfectly grilled. It was juicy, tasty and tender!
The fried chicken had a good crunch on the batter.
Though the chicken was little bit thick, but it’s tender and soft from the inside.

It’s pretty large burger with the great quality of each component and meticulously executed.
We loved every bite of this burger and this one was one of the best burgers, we’ve ever tried!
Worth to mention that the grilled pineapple went well with beef patty and battered chicken.
Each of ingredient compliments one another and the sauce wasn’t too overwhelming, we could taste each individual component inside the burger.
It’s really mouth watering when describing this burger and we really want to come back to this place at anytime soon!
Ohhh, the onion ring was so tasty and delicious.
Recommended!!! Recommended!!!

The buns used on the burger were nice, the buns were firm enough for you to hold the size of the large burger. It wasn’t soggy when you leave the burger for a while.

– Quilmes (beer, Argentina)

Overall, celebrating my birthday in this Bar with family was a great experience; We added this place as one of our favorite burger shops when we’re craving to have burgers.

Taste: 4.5
Speed: 3.5
Service: 3.5

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Brian and The Beer and Burger Bar’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Yay: Mac & Cheese Balls, Crumbed Jalapenos, B.O.B, Chicken Burger, Roast Pork Burger
Nay: The Buffalo Chicken Burger

Location: 112 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9429 5934

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