Short Black Cafe, Richmond

We’re strolling down along Bridge Road, Richmond in the one fine day and accidentally passed this humbly looking cafe called – Short Black Cafe.
Checked out their menu and quite amazed by the variety of dishes (around 60-70 options) offered by this cafe;
From the Italian food (pasta, risotto, gnocchi, bruschetta), some of Asian style food, burgers, fish and chips, mainstream brunch dishes and salad.
The rating on Zomato is pretty good (3.9/5.0), thus we decided to come and try this cafe.

The cafe wasn’t too spacious and it was a humbly looking cafe.
The interior design and table sets weren’t too clean and tidy.
The customer service was alright and not very knowledgeable when we asked them about the most popular food.
They do have outdoor spot if you want to enjoy the good and nice weather while having your food.

We ordered a cup of cappuccino and a mocha while we’re still choosing the food.
The coffee came pretty quick and the cappuccino was alright, it wasn’t too strong.
The mocha came with a mug, it was too sweet and it was very chocolatey;
It was the sweetest mocha we’ve ever had and we couldn’t finish this one cause it was struggling to drink this.

In the end, we ordered:
– My Kitchen Rule Breaky for $13.50.
It’s a multigrain bread, bacon topped with salsa made if tomato, avocado, Spanish onion, basil and lemon dressing served with poached eggs.
The presentation of the dish was very awful, it’s pretty disappointed for a high rating cafe on Zomato.
Surely, it doesn’t meet the standard on typical brunch cafe on 3.5 rating above. We’re having big doubt on the taste judging by the presentation.

After examining each of the component, the bread was nicely toasted.
Unfortunately, the bread used was too thin and for this value, again it’s bit let down.
The tomato diced were not consistent and slightly too large, same issues happening on the avocado.
The bacon was perfectly grilled and well seasoned;
The poached eggs were cooked well!
Luckily, the overall taste was okay and it’s still edible.
From our point of view, we’d prefer to pay more for the better quality and taste on other brunch places.
This big breakfast was absolutely way below the standard on a typical brunch spot in Melbourne.

– Atlantic Salmon Risotto (Special) – parsley, basil and peas cooked in special homemade seafood stock for $19.50.
The presentation of the dish was nothing special and we’re just shocked to have such a dry risotto.
It wasn’t creamy at all, it’s more like a normal rice and not Arborio rice.
We reckon it didn’t work well to put peas inside the risotto.
It’s bit confusing why they put the label risotto on this dish, from our point of view it’s not an Italian risotto.
The only highlight of this dish was the portion of the Salmon, despite the taste is fishy.
It’s another let down dish for us and unfortunately, it’s the worst risotto we’ve ever had.
Totally, not worth it to have this dish for this value.

Overall, we still do not understand how the 3.9 rating given for this cafe. Unfortunately, we won’t recommend other people to come to this cafe.
Yes, the average price of their brunch dish was slightly cheaper compared to others; Personally, we’d prefer to pay little bit extra to get better quality
and value as we embrace the good food 🙂

Taste: 2.0
Service: 2.0
Price: 2.5
Speed: 3.0

Yay: N/A
Nay: My Kitchen Rule Breaky, Mocha, Atlantic Salmon Risotto

Location: 140 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne
Phone: 61394287883

#whatepieats smilesmile

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