Short Black, Camberwell (Invited)

Short Black is a renowned authentic Italian restaurant situated in the prestigious Melbourne suburb, Camberwell.
The place is easily accessible public transports (tram, train) as well as plenty parking along the Burke Road and private parking spots at the back of the restaurant.
We’re glad to be invited to have food experience in Short Black, Camberwell.

Though you will find many restaurants and cafes along Burke Road, this cafe stands out and has proven to steal local’s heart from their outstanding customer experience, excellent coffee, amazing dessert, breakfast dishes and delicious Italian food.


We went there at around 3 PM and we’re surprised how busy this cafe was though it’s not the peak hour;
The moment we arrived, we’re given warm welcome by the friendly customer staffs.
The customer service was excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
We’re amazed by the genuine friendly interaction between customers and staffs, no wonder the place is always full of people during off/on peak hour. The friendly and warm interaction definitely made us feel this place as a home!

The restaurant was spacious and it’s a perfect spot to organise private events such as kids party, birthday party, corporate party and other events.
It was also bright filled with natural sunlight; The place was also clean and decorated with the modern interior design.
The vibe and environment were cosy with the nice background music playing at the back.

We ordered matcha latte and cappuccino to start off our foodie journey.
They serve great quality coffee beans and freshly ground every morning.
Both matcha and cappuccino were served really fast!
The matcha latte was one of the best matcha, we’ve tried so far.
It was served warm and the taste was balance between the bitter and sweet taste.
Additional matcha powder on top of the latte made it even better!


On that day, Aaron “2017 ASCA Pura Latte Art Championship” did the latte art and we’re lucky to taste the great coffee and fantastic latte art made by him.
The latte art on that day was rabbit, honestly we’re amazed by his skill.
Not only fantastic presentation, the taste of cappuccino was absolutely stunning.
It was served warm in the right temperature and the overall taste was balance. We enjoyed every sip of the coffee from the cup.


We’re more than happy to recommend you to come and try their matcha latte and enjoy the fabulous coffee accompanying by their amazing latte art from their finesse baristas.

For entree we ordered Arancini (crumbed italian arborio rice, napoli, parmesan, mozzarella, bocconcini & parsley served with aioli).
The dish was generously served with three large arancinis. All of them were perfectly deep fried and not greasy.
It was crunchy from outside and perfectly cooked from the inside.
The texture was really good and it came into perfection in the first bite when you tasted the cheese melted in your mouth coming from the inside.
To add the perfection of this dish, you could dip the arancini with the mayo infused with truffle oil on the side.
Hmmm… It’s a mouth-watering dish and a perfect entree choice.


For the main, we ordered:
– Risotto di Franco (aborio rice with prawns, fresh cherry tomato, chilli, capsicum & onion).
The Risotto was generously served and had nice presentation.
It’s the first time for us to taste the Risotto with tomato based and actually the taste was really good, we really liked it.
The risotto rice was perfectly cooked, the overall taste was really rich and flavorful. The chilli, capsicum & onion added the slightly strong character of the dish.
The sauce was creamy but not too overpowering so you won’t struggle to finish the dish as it’s balanced out by the tomato base.
Every scoop of the risotto gave you different texture and everything was well mixed.
Another great dish showed by this authentic Italian restaurant.


– Gnocchi Pollo Funghi (house made gnocchi with local mushrooms tossed with chicken & cream).
The Gnocchi Pollo Funghi had a beautiful presentation and it was generously served.
The gnocchi was perfectly cooked, the texture of the gnocchi wasn’t too firm either;
The mushrooms and chickens were also perfectly cooked and seasoned well.
The mushrooms were still moist, soft and tender.
The base sauce was creamy and had a rich taste.

The protein was soft, tender served in good quality of protein with less fat.
The Gnocchi Pollo Funghi was creamy, tasty and had scrumptious taste.
The texture of this dish was silky smooth and every component was executed perfectly.
It’s an impeccable dish nailed by Short Black Cafe’s chefs! Great Job!


– Banana Bread Stack (seasonal fruits, berry compot, pure maple, pistachio, flax seeds, nutella with mascapone cheese and vanilla ice cream).
The Banana Bread Stack was beautifully presented and very appealing with different colors from the fruits, pistachio and other components.
On the side, there were thinly sliced of Granny Smith Apples, pistachio, fresh strawberries and blueberries to add the sophisticated texture of this dessert.
The right amount of maple syrup drizzled on top of the Banana Bread Stack, the taste wasn’t too overpowering and sweet 🙂


The banana bread wasn’t too sweet, it was fluffy, airy, soft and delicious.
We also loved the vanilla ice cream, it was creamy and wasn’t too sweet either.
Overall, each component compliments each other perfectly.
Absolutely a perfect dessert to wrap our fabulous food journey session.


Overall, we had really good time in this restaurant/cafe. Stunning dish, outstanding customer service and cosy spot to chill!

Yay: Matcha latte, Cappuccino, Gnocchi Pollo Funghi, Risotto di Franco, Banana Bread Stack, Arancini, Outstanding customer service
Nay: N/A

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Short Black’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste (coffee): 5.0
Taste (food): 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 4.0

Location: 761-767 Burke Road, Camberwell, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8592 4949

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