Farina 00, Northcote (Invited)

Farina 00 Pasta & Wine situated on St Georges Road, Northcote which is the opposite side of the busy High street, Northcote.
This restaurant is also easily accessible by public transport (tram stop just in front of the restaurant and 10 minutes walking distance from Northcote station).
You don’t have to worry to find the car park if you’re keen to travel by private vehicle, you can either park on the street or around residential area behind this place.
We’re glad to be invited by Farina 00’s team to have foodie experience.

Farina 00’s pasta is made fresh daily using Italy’s signature flour, Stagioni 5 “00”; a distinct nod to our Italian heritage, which creates a lite dough (which is easy on the stomach). All dishes are freshly prepared and made in house, no frozen product used on their dish.


As soon as we arrived, you would see the bar and the traditional wood fire Italian pizza oven at the front.
The owner/chef will definitely give you a warm welcome and big friendly smile.
We felt welcomed the moment we stepped in our feet to this warm and friendly environment Italian restaurant.
The concept of open kitchen is great as the customers will definitely enjoy the actions while the chef’s preparing the pizza.


The customer service was  friendly and nice. The restaurant itself is spacious and perfect to organise private events or business meeting.
The vibe and environment were cosy, comfy and homey where you can stay hours and hours.

For the entree, we had:
– Bruschetta
There are two Bruschetta options:
* Olive tapenade, roma tomato, basil, white anchovy, spanish onion
* Buffalo mozzarella, roma tomato, fresh basil.
We went for the traditional Bruschetta with Buffalo mozzarella, roma tomato, fresh basil.
Bruschetta was served warm in the wooden plate with the fresh looking roma tomato in the melted buffalo mozzarella;
The outer part of the bread wasn’t as crispy compared to the Bruschetta we’ve had on other Italian restaurants because the Bruschetta bread was grilled.
The bread and tomato were perfectly grilled and had nice smoked fragrance.
The overall taste was really nice with light seasoned; For us, it’s an absolutely good starter before our main dishes.


– Calamari (Rice flour fried calamari, tossed in rocket leaves, olives, red onion, cherry tomato, basil, balsamic oil).
The calamari was nicely presented and mixed with rocket leaves, olives, red onion and cherry tomato.
The calamari was lightly seasoned to balance out the strong savoury taste from olives.
It’s a perfect balance between sweet, sour and savoury flavour.
The protein itself was perfectly fried and not greasy. It wasn’t too crispy from outside, but It was soft and tender from the inside.
Personally, we loved this entree better than the Bruschetta.


The main dish, we ordered:
– Ricotta Gnocchi Burnt Butter & Sage in Pizza Bowl
*Home made ricotta gnocchi, burnt butter & sage sauce, cherry tomato, grated Parmesan cheese
What a great concept introduced by Farina 00 to serve the pasta in the Pizza Bowl!
This is the only place that has the creative and innovative approach to combine both pizza and pasta. If you couldn’t decide whether you want to go for a pizza or pasta, this is the answer.


The presentation was really great and so instagramable.
The gnocchi was silky smooth, soft and tender; The size of gnocchi was slightly larger than the typical gnocchi that we’ve had in other places.
The texture of the dish was sophisticated. The taste was very rich from the Italian herbs and buttery.
You might taste a slight bland taste if you taste the gnocchi by itself, because it’s freshly cooked gnocchi with no seasoning; It’s mixed burnt butter & sage sauce, cherry tomato, grated Parmesan cheese, thus you need to eat altogether with other components.


– Speck and Pesto (Gourmet Pizza)
*Pesto base, mozzarella, potato, crispy speck, finished with mascarpone cheese.
The pizza was simply just amazing, freshly made on the spot and perfectly grilled using traditional Italian pizza oven.
It was very appealing and had really great fragrance.
The potato wasn’t too overcooked, it was still crunchy.
It’s one of the most popular gourmet pizza in Farina 00, we’ve proved it and definitely recommended.


Finally, we had their special dessert White Chocolate Mousse Fantasy (it’s a rich white mousse enclosed in a tartlet shell
with berries and shaved chocolate and white velvet sauce).
The presentation was simple but it looked appealing with the combination of feminine colors (white and pink) for plating.
The white chocolate wasn’t too sweet either, so you wouldn’t be struggling to have this dessert.
The white mousse was creamy, soft and have smooth texture.
Unfortunately the tartlet shell was too hard, we’re struggling to break the tartlet shell using spoon; We had to use our hands instead.
However, the taste of tartlet was nice and delicious.


Overall, we had a great foodie experience having authentic Italian food in Farina 00, Northcote.

Taste: 4.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 3.0

Yay: Ricotta Gnocchi Burnt Butter & Sage in Pizza Bowl, Speck and Pesto (Gourmet Pizza), Calamari
Nay: Tartlet shell from White Chocolate Mousse Fantasy

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Nadim and Farina00’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Location: 204 St Georges Road, Northcote, Melbourne
Phone: +61390786136
Website: farina00pizza.com.au

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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