Vegie Mum, Fitzroy (Invited)

Vegie Mum is a vegetarian restaurant initially established in Doncaster and it has got really good reputation around that area. Following the successful main branch in Doncaster, Vegie mum just recently opened its new branch situated on  72 Johnston Street, Fitzroy; We’re glad to be invited to Vegie Mum to taste and have foodie experience.

When we arrived, we’re warmly welcomed by the customer staff and restaurant manager.
The customer service was nice, friendly and professional.
Honestly, we’re amazed from the top-notch service delivered by this humbly looking restaurant. The restaurant manager brought his previous work experiences (working in 5-star hotel) to this vegetarian restaurant; It’s a top-notch service delivered to the customers.

The restaurant is spacious and perfect to cater small/large group of friends as well as your family.
The vibe and atmosphere were nice and cosy.
The restaurant was nicely decorated and it’s not overwhelming.

For the entree, we ordered Beijing Duck as recommended by the friendly restaurant manager.
The service came really fast. The presentation and texture of the dish perfectly imitated the real (non-vegetarian) “Beijing Duck”. Of course, it’s very appealing!
You’ll find the combination of carrot and fried bean curd;

The bean curd was perfectly deep fried, well seasoned and wasn’t greasy.
The carrot wasn’t too overcooked, it was just right.
Loved the perfect balance taste between carrot, bean curd and the sauce.
The sauce was really spot on, it had rich taste and flavourful!!
Surely, We had an absolutely great first impression judging from the first dish served.

We ordered:
– Nyonya Fish
It’s labelled as a top selling dish; we’re intrigued to try the vegetarian fish dish.
The Nyonya Fish was beautifully presented and the texture was perfectly mimic the fish.
The sauce was just amazing, rich and had delicate taste.
Surely, the pretty golden colour of the creamy sauce was the highlight of the dish.

The ingredients were from lemon grass, mandarin, galangal, basil mixed with coconut cream; Claimed to be THE ONLY DELICATE VEGETARIAN (mock) FISH DISH served only by Vegie Mum in Melbourne with all the meticulously thought of combining all ingredients.
The bean curd was perfectly cooked, it was tender and soft.
The dish had the perfect balance between sweet and sour.
Whether you’re vegan or not, I am sure that you’ll definitely love this dish.
It’s a sophisticated dish and every single component was well executed by Vegie Mum’s team.


– Thai Braised diced Fillet Steak with Basil Leaves on Grilled Stone Pot
Another Vegie Mum’s dish labelled as a top selling dish.
The vegetables were cooked just right and still crunchy.
The vegetarian diced filled steak was tasty and tender.
The texture mimicked the real diced fillet steak, you hardly noticed that this was a bean curd until you tried. Again, The taste was rich and flavourful.
Bear in mind that the dish was slightly spicy, so if you loved spicy dish; This dish was a perfect one.


– Black Olive Fried Rice with Egg
The fried rice was served warm and the portion was very generous; It’s enough to share between 2-3 persons.
It’s a WOW!!!! It’s one of the best fried rice defeating the non-vegan fried rice, we’ve ever tried.
Yes, we still couldn’t believe it!
It’s an impeccable dish with rich and balance taste.
You would taste little bit hint of spiciness which made this dish even better.
It’s zesty vegetarian dish that you should try and we would definitely recommend this one.
Another sophisticated dish that’s well executed by the Vegie Mum’s team.


Overall, it’s the best Vegan restaurant we’ve ever had and added to our favourite restaurant lists!
Definitely it’s a MUST and WORTH to visit this restaurant. **HIGHLY HIGLY Recommended


Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Yay: Exceptional customer service, Beijing Duck, Nyonya Fish, Thai Braised diced Fillet Steak with Basil Leaves on Grilled Stone Pot, Black Olive Fried Rice with Egg
Nay: N/A

Location: 72 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8657 8537

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