Aya Teppanyaki, Armadale

This time we’d like to celebrate Adrianne’s birthday to have something fun and exciting while we’re having dinner, of course it’s teppanyaki.
We received the online deal while we’re browsing for a place and decided to go to Aya Teppanyaki for a good deal and high ratings for $88.00 (two people).
Checked on our trusted food review apps “Zomato” and the rating’s quite outstanding 4.1/5.0
Locked the day and off we go!

The restaurant perfectly located on the busy High Street in the heart of Armadale.
From outside, it’s a humbly looking Japanese teppanyaki restaurant.
The service was impressively fast though, it didn’t take long time to wait for our food or drink to get refilled.
Unfortunately, the customer staff looked so serious and no smile when serving the customers.
The vibe and atmosphere were alright.

There would be 2 stars of the night when teppanyaki, the food and the chef.
We’re lucky to have a funny, energetic and talented chef.
On the table, you would have three different sauces for dipping: sesame sauce, spicy mayo and lemon sauce.
Tonight, we got the following sequential dishes:
1. Sushi and sashimi and beef tataki
The sashimi was freshly served, you could tell from the color and texture.
The sushi and beef tataki were alright. They had decent taste but not outstanding.

2. Miso soup
3. House salad
The taste of miso soup was alright;
The house salad was over seasoned, slightly too sour and slightly watery.

First game was catching the egg before the chef started cooking all the vegetables, seafood and fried rice.
The chef would throw the slice of small fried egg and you’ve got to catch it!
I missed all the eggs 😦 I felt so bad! I wasted the food.
Adrianne?? … hmmm she missed all of them too, she cheated by catching the last egg using her hands!

4. Mixed vegetables
5. Mussel
6. Jumbo tiger prawn – one piece
7. White fish fillet
8. Chicken tight fillet
9. Wagyu beef steak
The Mussel, Jumbo tiger prawn, White fish fillet, Chicken tight fillet and Wagyu beef steak were all perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
Especially for the Wagyu beef steak, it was spot on (mine was medium rare while others were well done).
They’re all tender, juicy and fresh. It was really great value for this quality.

Just before the fried rice being served, last trick for tonight.
“Catch the bowl”, the chef threw 3-4 rotated empty bowl and you had to catch it.
The last one would be the fried rice bowl, you surely felt BAD if you dropped it.
Hmmm, Adrianne dropped it! Boooooo… she felt so bad! LOL

10. Fried rice
The fried rice wasn’t our liking as it was less seasoned and too much black pepper on it.
We tasted only pepper and the rice was to watery!


11. Ice cream with topping
It’s was only Vanilla ice cream served, I thought we had the option to choose different flavors of the ice cream as other teppanyaki restaurants.
The taste was alright!


Tonight, the highlights were Chicken tight fillet, Jumbo tiger prawn, White fish fillet, Wagyu beef steak, Mussel and The Chef.
We were in the last batch at 8 PM and we would expect the chef was exhausted and not so energetic.
It wasn’t like that, the chef put so much effort to engage with customers and entertain us.
Thank you so much and we’re really appreciated.

Overall, though it’s not an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant and not the best teppanyaki place;
It was still decent for a deal we purchased and we still had a good time.

Taste: 3.0
Speed: 4.0
Service: 3.0

Yay: Chicken tight fillet, Jumbo tiger prawn, White fish fillet, Wagyu beef steak, Mussel and The Chef
Nay: Miso soup, Fried rice

Location: 1193 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8658 3448

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

Aya Teppanyaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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