Smoke & Pickles by Changz Canteen, Elsternwick (Invited)

Changz Canteen soon to be re-branded to Smoke & Pickles in the next few weeks situated in Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick.
Easy access to public transport being located in Elsternwick as one of the most popular South Eastern Suburbs; If you travel with private vehicles, there are plenty on the street car parks.
We’re glad to be able to collaborate with them to have the burger experience.

Smoke & Pickles, not only having specialty in creating yummy Burger, they also have specialty in producing the homemade sauces: Chipotle BBQ, Green Jalapeno and Red Habanero (Changz Hot Sauce).
Joshua Monteiro, Tom Jacobson and James Forge are all the people behind this delicious sauces.
You should try and use their home made sauces when you’re having BBQ at your place to make a fantastic burgers.


When we arrived, there was only one customer staff who was very energetic and showing an outstanding customer service.
He was nice, friendly and warmly welcoming all customers.
The burger shop has 2 seating options, outdoor with couple of large tables which can fit 6-8 people and indoor seating.
On that day, we couldn’t get the outdoor seating because it was occupied with other customers.
It was a proper size of the burger shop and it’s able to cater for a small or big groups.


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this burger shop even more.
There is a cool Dark Vader wall art on the right hand side, it stands out and you won’t miss it when you come inside the shop.
On the other side, you’ll see a cool old school rare “Return of Jedi” Laser Disc hung on the wall.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable, perfect spot to chill with mates.
Unfortunately, the light in the indoor seating isn’t too bright as we’re little bit struggling to read the menu after the sunset.


We’re recommended and advised to order:
– Truffle Tater Tots
The Truffle Tater Tots were perfectly fried and they weren’t greasy / oily.
It was crunchy from outside, inside its burst aromatic truffle fragrant encapsulated perfectly in the Tater Tots.
It’s a recommended side dish to order!
NOTE: You need to ask for this side dish because it’s off the menu list.
I reckon they have to add this dish on the menu.


– Smoked Chicken Wings with Picked Vegetables (4 pcs)
The chicken wings were well seasoned and perfectly cooked.
It was tender, soft and marinated well.
It’s not a rocket science dish, it’s simple but perfectly delivered by Changz’s team.


– Chilli Cheese Burger *Special*
(Beef, cheese, jalapeno, chilli relish, mayo)
The bun was soft and perfectly toasted / grilled.
Beef patties were perfectly grilled (medium rare) and well-seasoned.
They’re juicy, tender and moist. Different flavors came in play when you eat the burger as a whole.
In addition, jalapeno and chilli relish added the hint of spiciness of this burger.
No worries, don’t be nervous with the “Chilli” used on the burger because it’s mild and enough to add the rich flavor.
Everything was well executed and on the spot.


– Truffle & Mushroom Burger
(Double beef patties & cheese, parmegiano reggiano, enoki fries, mushroom ketchup, truffle & roast garlic aioli)
The bun was soft and perfectly toasted / grilled.
Beef patties were perfectly grilled (medium rare) and well-seasoned.
The nice fragrant smell of truffle used in the burger will surely increase your appetite.
The enoki fries were thinly slices and fried to give extra flavors with other ingredients.
The sauce put inside the burger wasn’t too overwhelming thus you wouldn’t get messy while having this burger.
The overall taste was very rich, balance and surely it’s a mouth-watering burger and flawless.
It’s a MUST to order when you have a chance to visit this burger shop.


Overall, we had an absolute great time despite of the gloomy vibe due to the light used in the shop.
I reckon better lightning needs to be implemented to avoid the gloomy feeling while enjoying their stunning burgers.


Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 4.0

Yay: Truffle Tater Tots, Smoked Chicken Wings, Chilli Cheese Burger, Truffle & Mushroom Burger
Nay: Indoor seating lightning

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Changz’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Location: 256 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick, Melbourne
Phone: +61390770353
Website: Smoke & Pickles by Changz Canteen

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