Syndicate Room, Sandringham (Invited)

Syndicate Room is a sleek, cute and modern brunch cafe situated in the Bay Road, Sandringham.
We’re glad to be invited to experience their dishes.
Though it’s a fair distance from us to travel, no regret!! it’s totally worth it and MUST visit. Wanna know more?? Let’s find out …

As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by the friendly and nice customer staff.
The cafe has modern, sleek and minimalist interior design with the natural light filled every area.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable.
It’s a place where you could stay there for hours enjoying the coffee, food and ambience.



We ordered Matcha latte and Beetroot latte to start with.
Beetroot latte? we’re so intrigued to try this one and actually, the taste was really good.
I reckon, Syndicate Room is the only cafe that offers the beetroot latte.
The matcha latte wasn’t too sweet which was good.
Loved their creativity to introduce the pioneer beetroot late.


We ordered:
– Syndicate Breakfast Board
(Zucchini & corn fritter, mini granola, smashed avocado, poached egg, beetroot puree, chef special + Orange Juice).
If you’re confused in what to order and want to try mini version of everything, this would be best menu you should order “Syndicate Breakfast Board”.
We reckon it’s really smart menu because most people love to try little bit of everything, especially for the food lovers.
It’s also a compact breakie dish to start your day where you would also get a fresh orange juice + cereal  with yogurt served in a mini glass!


The dish was beautifully and meticulously presented. They put so much thought in this dish.
We loved the combination of different colours used on the dish, very appealing and surely that would increase your appetite.
The zucchini & corn fritter was perfectly deep fried and it wasn’t greasy / oily.
It was crispy from outside, tender and soft from the inside. It was also well seasoned.
The poached egg was perfectly cooked and put nicely on top of the zucchini & corn fritter. The egg yolk quickly drizzled on top of zucchini & corn fritter, the moment you sliced the poached egg.
It gave a mixed rich taste to complement the zucchini & corn fritter.



The beetroot puree was also well made and added the appealing presentation of this dish.
It was smooth and had a really nice texture.
The chef special today was the papaya salad served on Syndicate Breakfast Board.
The salad was freshly served and well seasoned mixed with the grilled chicken which was the highlight in this papaya salad.
The chicken was tender, soft and well marinated. The taste wasn’t too strong so it didn’t overcome the overall taste.
Everything was flawlessly executed and it was just a perfect dish.
It’s a MUST dish to order when you’re visiting Syndicate Room, Sandringham.

– The Aqua
(Blue spirulina, green spirulina, banana, pineapple, mango, peach, coconut yogurt, seasonal fruits, chia seeds, coconut flake,
vegan ball, granola & coconut milk)
The Aqua was beautifully presented, colourful and very appealing.
The banana smoothies had soft and smooth texture, the taste itself was so delicious.
It’s a perfect breakfast dish to welcome the Spring / Summer season.
All fruits served were fresh and good quality.


– It’s NOT just taro pancake
(House made cherry ice cream, raspberry coulis, mango compote, matcha soil, crushed nuts, candied lemon, chocolate soil,
Japanese pocky, seasonal fruits (This contains some miniatures for plating, they are not edible).
Our first impression of this sweet dish was WOW!!! Again the presentation was amazing and so fancy.
They put so much effort to decorate the dish and put so much thought on this dish.


At a glance, you would feel that this dish was overwhelming with all the sweets! Apparently, it’s not!! the taste was very balance.
The home made cherry ice cream had smooth and soft texture; It wasn’t too sweet or sour either, perfectly compliment the taro pancake.
Three layer taro pancakes were perfectly cooked.
They’re served warm, so fluffy and not too sweet.


Some of brunch cafes can easily deliver a visually pleasing food presentation but not the taste.
Syndicate Room hits both marks, presentation (food art) and the scrumptious taste.
You know how passionate and skilful the team behind Syndicate Room. You guys did beyond our expectations!


Overall, we had a fantastic experiences having brunch here and worth of visit though it’s quite far from where we’re based.
It’s a MUST brunch place to try in Melbourne; It’s one of the best brunch spots we’ve ever visited.

Yay: Syndicate Breakfast Board, The Aqua, It’s NOT just taro pancake, Beetroot latte, Amazing food presentation
Nay: N/A

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Syndicate Room’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 4.0

Phone: +61395218716
Location: 1/254 Bay Road, Sandringham, Melbourne

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