Grosvenor Hotel, Balaclava (Invited)

Grosvenor (pronounced as “Grovner”) Hotel situated in the busy Brighton Road, Balaclava.
You hardly miss this hotel because the spacious building stands among others with white colour and Victorian historical architecture style building.
We’re glad to be invited by Grosvenor Hotel Team to experience the dishes designed by a newly appointed head chef who has French bistro-style and modern Italian cooking background.

The Restaurant/Bar in Grosvenor Hotel was very spacious and there are many sections for the seating depending on your activity (bar, bistro dining room and or spacious private function).
It’s definitely a very versatile spot to have a small or big private/corporate events.
The customer service was nice and friendly. Not only that, They’re also showing a 5-star hotel stellar customer service, what a top-notch customer experience.
No worries, you don’t need to ask the customer staff to refill your glass of water as they keep monitoring and ensuring that your water is topped up.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable; The environment will be getting more intimate when it’s getting late.

We started off our food review experience by ordering one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic drink.
St Kilda Fling (Cocktails – Vodka, strawberries, mint and fresh lime) and Mojito mock-tail (off the menu).
It was a lovely evening and sunny day, these drinks were a perfect companion for us to embrace the beginning of Spring season in Melbourne;
The taste was so refreshing, balance and wasn’t too sweet. The mint and fresh lime produced the nice fragrance and complemented perfectly with other components.

This time, we’d like to experience the pizza, one meaty side dish and steak to share.
We started our  first set course with the following dishes:
– Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs
It was beautifully served and presented with Salsa verde mayonnaise.
The Lamb Ribs were perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
It was crispy on the outer part, inside the protein was tender and it had rich flavors.
You put hardly effort to slice the lamb meat from the ribs because it was very soft and tender.
The sauce put on top of the lamb ribs had light taste, it’s a smart way to highlight the main actor of the dish which was the lamb ribs. A perfect juicy and rich flavours burst inside your mouth.
We loved this dish and definitely recommended!

– Fungi (Wood Fire Pizza)
*Mozzarella, button mushrooms, king brown mushrooms, truffle oil, goat cheese, enoki
The pizza was freshly made and cooked using the Italian traditional technique, wooden fire oven.
The pizza dough was freshly made in-house; The pizza had distinct nice fragrance mixture between the truffle and burnt from the wooden fire oven, so yummy!!

The pizza dough was perfectly made, the taste was outstanding.
Honestly, we’re surprised knowing the fact that this bar could deliver such an amazing pizza.
On top of the pizza, you would find a thinly sliced button mushrooms that were perfectly cooked and seasoned with the cheese glued the mushroom and other components to add extra rich flavours.

Our first set course of the dishes left really good impression!
The team knows how to cook the stunning lamb ribs and authentic Italian pizza.
Off course, we do have the high expectation of the Rib Eye on our second course.
Let’s have a look in the following details.

– Rib Eye (28 day dry aged, 500 g) with red wine.
Grosvenor Hotel serves Southern Ranges MB2+ which is 100% Grass Fed Black Angus HGP Free & Antibiotic Free.
Sourced from the rich green region of Gippsland Victoria, selected for the superior quality, natural marbling,
rich colour, flavor and tenderness. Aged for minimum of 40 days in-house ensuring superior eating quality and tenderness.


The steak was cooked in perfection as what we asked (medium rare).
It was perfectly seared on the outer part and well seasoned, inner part you could see the beautiful pink colour in the center.
The Rib Eye was well seasoned served with the fries and fresh salad on the side.
The meat was juicy bursts though and succulent; The rich flavor of the meat melted in your mouth.


Chips were deep fried perfectly and well seasoned, it wasn’t greasy or oily when served.
Salad was served fresh with the balance seasoning.
The Grosvenor’s kitchen team really knows their stuffs and execute everything perfectly!
Absolutely amazing and HIGHLY Recommended dish to order!
It’s really delicious and one of the best Rib Eye we’ve ever had.

Finally it came to the dessert and sweet dish: Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse
The Chocolate Mousse was nicely presented in the small bowl.
It was creamy mainly with chocolatey taste and it wasn’t too sweet.
On top they’re using passion fruit sorbet/essence which was the smart choice, this slightly acidic flavor would balance out the sweetness from the chocolate.
In the center, it had a silky smooth chocolate texture in the center combined with a slightly hard texture from cold hazelnuts and raspberries.
It’s a surprise of what you would taste from this amazing Chocolate Mousse.

On the other hands, the Tiramisu was also very delicious and it had rich flavors.
You could taste a slightly strong Kahlua (coffee taste) which perfectly complemented the sweet taste from the chocolate.
They’re just amazing desserts!


Overall, we had an absolutely amazing night and we’re so delighted to be invited to experience the newly designed menu from the new head chef.
The food, drink and service were so fabulous!
This restaurant/bar is one of the best in Melbourne; Surely, we’ve added this spot as one of our favourites places “go to” if we’re craving for a Rib Eye, Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs
and Pizza.

Yay: St Kilda Fling(Cocktails), Mojito (Mocktail) Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs, Fungi (Wood Fire Pizza), Rib Eye (28 day dry aged, 500 g)
Nay: N/A

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Grosvenor Hotel’s team for the invite.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Location: 10 Brighton Road, Balaclava, Melbourne
Phone: +61395311542

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