Caffé e Cucina, South Yarra (Invited)

Caffé e Cucina is one of the pioneer of authentic Italian restaurants established in South Yarra, Melbourne since 1988.
The vision is to introduce the concept of Italian hospitality in Melbourne and bring the authentic Italian food to Melbourne.
This charming and intimate Italian restaurant is a long-running success story on South Yarra’s busy Chapel Street.
We’re glad to be invited by Caffé e Cucina’s team to experience their new summer menu.

As soon as we arrived, we’re welcome by the friendly customer staffs.
The vibe and atmosphere were amazing, cosy and comfortable with Italian music playing at the background.
The customer service was top-class, always serve customers with smile and very knowledgeable.
“Produzione Artigianale” means strong attention to detail and passion for our culture.

The thick Italian accents and the genuine flavours are perfectly blended in this environment carry you straight to Italy.
You hardly believe that you’re in Melbourne when you experience this restaurant.
The service, the language, the classy Italian decoration and interior design – everything is like in Europe, we loved every bits and pieces!
They have indoor and outdoor seating! Indoor (downstairs) isn’t too spacious but it’s quite spacious upstairs.
The restaurant is still able to cater a private event between 35-40 people.
There is a cute balcony romantic spot table for 2 (upstairs), perfect to have a date with your love one or have a proposal!

Anyway, we ordered Chapel Spritz *Cocktails* (Fiorente Elderflower, Pinot Grigio, Fresh Mint & Cucumber, Soda Water) and Suprise Special Mocktail (Raspberry Sour and Soda Water) while looking at the variety options of Italian food.
Both drinks were absolutely stunning, fresh and had balance taste.
Chapel Spritz had distinct nice fragrance coming from the mixture of Fiorente Elderflower, Pinot Grigio and Fresh Mint.
You could taste a fresh infused cucumber drink which perfectly blended in with other components.
Perfect drinks for your to order if you’re after something fresh.

An antipasti to share:
Calamari Sant’Andrea…dal 1988
(Flour dusted shallow fried calamari served with rocket and balsamic mayonnaise)
The Calamari was lightly battered and well seasoned. The calamari was so tender and soft. It had delicate and rich taste.
It’s nothing like the typical fish and chips where they highlight the battered, the highlight of this one was the calamari itself.
Absolutely amazing and recommended antipasti dish when you’re visiting this place.


A pasta to share:
Linguine di Mare al Cartoccio… dal 1988
(Linguine with king prawns, calamari, mussels, clams, scallops, garlic, chilli and tomato, baked in parchment paper)
It’s a unique pasta served wrapped in parchment paper to preserve the mixture taste of every component.
The pasta was perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
King prawns, calamari, mussels, clams, scallops were all cooked in perfection and served in a top-notch quality, you wouldn’t get disappointed.
Due to this wrapping technique, the essence of seafood flavours infused to the pasta.
When you taste altogether, it was flavourful and had a rich taste.
One of the best authentic Italian pasta we’ve ever had!

A secondi to share:
– Carne del Giorno
*Meat of the day served with a side.
On that night, the special was 300gr Porterhouse Steak served with Potato grilled.
The meat was beautifully seared from outside and inside was nice colour pink medium-rare as what we requested.
The protein was perfectly seasoned and had a balance taste.
The dish was served with the potato grilled which had a nice fragrance and rich flavours from rosemary and sage.
The steak was tender and juicy, yummmm!!! We had an absolutely stunning night enjoying this high quality protein.
Another recommended dish to order when you’re visiting this Italian restaurant.

Finally, the most exciting dish which is the desert time. Honestly, you can’t be wrong by ordering Tiramisu and Pannacotta in Italian restaurant.
It’s more like a benchmark to find out how good and skilful the team behind this restaurant.
Caffé e Cucina delivered PERFECT deserts, 5-star ratings taste and final touch.
– Tiramisu Tradizionale
* Traditional homemade tiramisu
It was beautifully presented, neat and nice layered textures.
The texture was smooth and the sponge cake was chewy and not too sweet.

– Pannacotta all’Arancia e Cioccolato Fondente
*Homemade orange and dark chocolate Pannacotta served with meringue flambe, biscuit and pistachio crumble
The Pannacotta was elegantly presented.
The texture was smooth and soft, right amount of gelatin to make the pannacotta shaped perfectly.
There was a hint of zesty taste coming from the orange.
On top the the meringue’s taste had a sweet taste to balance out the bitter taste of the dark chocolate to keep you going, really smart approach!


The head chef Nicola Roberti and the team did such an AMAZING job to delivered STUNNING dishes from antipasti, secondi and desert.
Overall, we had an absolutely great night to have dining experience in this authentic Italian restaurant and happy to add this Italian restaurant to one of our favorite lists.

Yay: Chapel Spritz (Cocktails), Calamari Sant’Andrea…dal 1988, Linguine di Mare al Cartoccio… dal 1988, Carne del Giorno, Tiramisu Tradizionale, Pannacotta all’Arancia e Cioccolato Fondente
Nay: N/A

Note: We’d like to say thank you to The Caffé e Cucina’s team, Massimo Fiorillo Mura (restaurant manager) for the invite and Nicola Roberti (Head Chef) for all the stunning dishes.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Phone: 03 8592 4665
Location: 581 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne

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