Olinda Tea House, Olinda (Invited)

Nestled in the Mount Dandenong Range area, Olinda Tea House (OTH) is located surrounded by the natures. Basking in plenty of natural light, complements with the serenity of the surrounding, chirping of the birds and modern designed restaurant, OTH offers range of Chinese cuisines with High Tea sessions as well. Located in the 17 acres flower forest, OTH offers also outdoor space for functions and also 3 functions spaces that can easily accommodate 30-120 people.

We came during early afternoon to have our late lunch in Olinda. We came from the city so it took us around 50-60 mins drive and the location is hard to be missed. It is very close to National Rhododendron Gardens (1.5 KM, 2 mins driving).
It’s a quite spacious semi fine-dine restaurant perfect for family or friends. The customer service was outstanding and very knowledgeable.

What we had:

  1. Plum Flavoured Cherry Tomatoes – skinless cherry tomato with plum flavor served beautifully with micro greens on top. A simple and refreshing dish it’s like a bomb of sweetness from the nature. An interesting dish that I tried the first time in my life.
  2. San Choi Bao – Lettuce wraps with pork, carrots, mushroom and lotus diced in small cubes topped with floss. It has savoury flavor from the sauce but sweet taste as well from the carrot which gives you a balanced taste.
  3. Crispy Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli and Peanuts – when you see the picture, this dish totally generous in terms of chillis. A more Si chuan style dish with tad numbness from the spice and crispy and fragrant chickens served in bamboo basket. One thing that is so good about this dish is although it was served in small bites but the chickens are still moist inside and so crispy on the outside and the seasoning are on point. Probably some people will find it too spicy but eating it with rice will help to reduce the spicy level – or simply ask for mild spiciness level.
  4. Pan Fried Roasted Honey Soy Eye Fillet cube with Abalone Mushroom and Asparagus served on vermicelli basket and side of cut fruits. Beautifully seared and cut into but sizes together with the abalone mushrooms. The texture of abalone mushrooms mimicking the fillet cube and complement the star of the dish really well. The sauce just immersed in the eye fillet and mushrooms so well. Truly beautiful dishes.
  5. Olinda Tea House’s Famous Braised Pork Belly Cube with Sweet Soy Sauce – Ooh hey! This dish is famous for a reason. Super smooth and just easily torn apart and soo juicy. The sauce is thick and not overly sweet. Definitely a must try when visiting.
  6. Sea Salt Baked Tiger Prawns – a different kind of cooking style that a must try.
  7. Desserts – OTH High Tea presented in a nice oriental feel cake stand. Usually the menu will serve the savoury and the sweet bites, but since we had a full meal we just requested for the sweet ones only for the desserts. I’m so bought with the chocolate mousse, so delicate and silky smooth with the cherry compote to balanced the chocolate, my favorite also the rose and lychee macarons – the rose was so fragrant combined with the lychee jam and cream and fresh blueberry. Look so beautiful and also taste great without being overly sweet. Texture also textbook and perfectly made.
  8. Scones – served warm and fresh. The outer texture is light golden brown and it has this mild crunch on the outer enveloped the moist texture inside. Balanced taste and not too sweet – perfectly enjoyed with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Classic.

I know what you’re thinking how can 2 people finish all these foods. But yeah, we took our time and we enjoyed the nature while having our meals gradually. Our favorite spot would be the outdoor space where you were able to to enjoy the meal while enjoying the beautiful nature basking in the warm sun. If you’re lucky you’re able to sit on the rocking seating while enjoying your meals.


The restaurant is a complete package – family friendly, pram friendly and definitely serving top notch foods with competitive price. Definitely a hidden gem in Olinda area. We are totally coming back here again. They also have a complete information on their menu, function details as well as attractions and accommodations surrounding its area.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Olinda Tea House’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Phone: 03 9751 0556
Location: 86A Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, Melbourne
Website: olindateahouse.com.au

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