Darling Street Espresso, Mooney Ponds (Invited)

Darling Street Espresso is a hidden gem cafe slightly away from the busy main streets of Moonee Ponds.
It’s a lovely cute and humble looking local cafe located in the corner of Darling Street and Athol Street.
We’re glad to have collaboration with Darling Street Espresso to enjoy the good and tasty food by this cafe.

Darling St Espresso is family business and everything is made in house with nothing but locally sourced ingredients.
This typical suburban cafe has 3 different sections: cute courtyard (outdoor – the perfect haven for those with prams or furry canine friends),  inside (more private) and main (inside) where is exposed to the natural sunlight **That’s out spot!!.
The customer service was top-notch and exceptional, they’re genuinely friendly and nice with lots of smile with all customers. This cafe surely loved by the local and neighbourhood.
From our experience, this cute cafe is one of the warmest and friendliest brunch spot we’ve ever reviewed.
The vibe and atmosphere were very cosy and comfortable.

On the wall, they have the “Product Exchange” campaign, it’s great to know that this cafe doesn’t believe
in throwing anything away. If you have a vegie patch at home that produces more than what you know what to do with?
No worries, they’ll take it of from your hands and exchange for a coffee.
You’ll be amazed with the beautiful dish made by them from your own vegie patch at home.

Upon our arrival, we’re warm welcomed and looked after by the friendly customer staff – Patrick *Thanks mate!!
We started off our food review journey with Cappuccino and Chai Latte “Chai by Prana”.
Both Cappuccino and Chai Latte were both fantastic!
Yeap! It’s definitely hit our high expectation mark and happy to approve that this cafe deserves high high ratings on Zomato.
The taste was balance and everything was just right on the spot, loved it!!

Let’s see how it goes with the food 🙂

We ordered:
– Pan Fried Fritters (Zucchini, sweet potato, haloumi and corn fritter, with kale and radish slaw, lime labne and watermelon salsa, poached eggs)
Pan Fried Fritters dish was nicely presented and generously served with three stacked good size of corn fritters and two poached eggs on the side.
The corn fritters were perfectly deep fried and had a balance taste. They were crispy and crunchy from the outside, perfectly cooked from the inside.
The poached eggs were also well cooked and just right!

On the top the corn fritters stacked, you’d find the creme cheese that gave additional texture and add more rich flavour to the dish.
On the side, there was a “Salsa” look alike salad with little bit of savoury taste which would enrich the overall taste.
We reckon it’s a smart and distinctive approach to serve the Corn Fritters brunch dish, it’s different from other typical Corn Fritters dish we’ve had on other cafes.

– Spicy Sriracha Fried Chicken Burger (Brioche bun, Sriracha fried chicken, apple, fennel & cucumber slaw, panko crumbed mac’n cheese croquette)
The presentation was nice and very appealing, definitely increased our appetite. The portion was generously served, surely it would make you full the entire day LOL!!
We’re excited and couldn’t wait to taste this Sriracha Fried Chicken Burger while taking the photo.
The brioche bun was perfectly grilled, buttered well and slightly crisp on the edge of the bun.

On the top there’s a panko crumbed mac’n cheese croquette, well seasoned, not greasy and perfectly executed. The taste of croquette was just stunning! Balance taste and not too overpowering.
Don’t worry about the title “Spicy” on the dish, the Sriracha sauce was put on the side to give you the option to choose whether you want to have the dish with the hint of spiciness or not.
After all, the Sriracha had was mild spicy taste and definitely acceptable for everyone.

Inside the burger, you’d find thinly sliced apple, fennel & cucumber slaw to add freshness and rich flavours to this Chicken Burger.
The fried chicken was crispy from the outside, it wasn’t greasy which was good;
Unfortunately, we found that the Fried Chicken was slightly dry from the inside or else everything would be perfect.


Finally, it comes to the dessert!
There is always a room for a dessert, this time we’re recommended to have their signature dessert dish – Doughnuts (Chocolate soil, Nutella fondue, berry compote, freeze dried fruits, mango/strawberry and blueberry puree, fairy floss, fresh fruits).
Sweet dish was beautifully presented. Doughnuts were also freshly made and each had a decent size.
The overall dessert wasn’t overly too sweet which was great, so you won’t struggle to finish the dessert.

The doughnut was crispy from outside, soft and fluffy from the inside.
Blueberry puree and pineapple mousse gave additional colour and nice texture on the dish.
It’s a simple dish yet everything was perfectly executed.
Definitely a recommended and MUST to order sweet dish when you’re visiting Darling St Espresso.


Overall, we had great time having food experiences in Darling Street Espresso, definitely it’s worth a visit when you’re around Moonee Ponds.


Note: We’d like to say thank you to Helen McKenzie and Darling Street Espresso’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Taste: 4.0
Service: 5.0
Speed: 5.0

Yay: Coffee, Pan Fried Fritters, Spicy Sriracha Fried Chicken Burger, Doughnuts
Nay: N/A

Location: 146 Athol Street, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9326 2212
Website: darlingstreetespresso.com.au

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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