The Cricketers Neighbourhood Eatery, Port Melbourne (Invited)

The Cricketers Eatery is a long established local pub, tucked away from the hustle & bustle busy street in Port Melbourne since 1876.
The pub is quietly located in the residential area where you wouldn’t struggle to find on the street car park.
We’re glad to be invited to the newly renovated The Cricketers Neighbourhood Eatery, Port Melbourne.

The pub does look little bit old and rusty from the outside; However, when you keep walking and pass through the long hallway (indoor seating area) to the outdoor/garden spot, you’ll be amazed with the modern, cosy and funky looking beer garden.
You’ve got the option to dine in indoor seating section if you want to have more intimate dinner. This time we opted for a garden section as the nice warm weather outside when we’re visiting this local pub.
Good news for a dog lover! Yes, it’s a pet friendly beer garden!

It’s a self service business model.
Firstly, you choose your comfy seating spot and choose whether you want to get totally exposed with natural sunlight or outdoor spot being covered.
Secondly, settle down and start choosing the dishes. When you’re ready, go to the counter and order your meal from there.


The customer staffs were prompt, nice and friendly.
Great background music playing at the background, surely it’ll boost your mood and make your day much better.
Loved both atmosphere and the vibe in this local sports bar.

We started off our food journey by having: Hole in the Wall (Aperol Spritz + Gin) and *non alcohol special drink made by the skilful and friendly barista!
It’s Apple Cranberry juice mixed with lemonade, basil and mint;
Both were perfect drinks for a summer time especially when the weather was getting pretty warm outside during our visit.


We ordered:
– Crispy soft shell crab slider – Mini Burger with chili-lime mayo, slaw and crispy leek (1 x piece).
The dish was beautifully presented.
Soft shell crabs were perfectly deep fried, definitely crispy. From the inside, it was tender and soft.
They had balance and rich taste, well seasoned and good size for entree.

The slaw and chili-lime mayo were just in the right size, it won’t get messy when you’re eating the mini burgers.
It’s a fresh and light dish, perfect starter dish before your main dish.
The sauce and other components complimented each other!
The overall taste was rich and flavourful, a mouth watering starter 🙂


– Slow cooked Cape Grim (Tas) meat balls, tomato + basil sugo, toasted bread (4 x pieces)
The meatballs dish was also nicely presented.
Tomato base gave a hint of sour taste and fresh flavour.
The meatball were well seasoned and had a balance taste;
Unfortunately, the texture of meat balls weren’t firm, they’re slightly too soft for a meatball when we cut.


– Barramundi fillet, beurre blanc, tomato + rosemary marmalade, broccolini, parsley + orange salad
The Barramundi dish had a nice presentation and it’s colorful!
The skin of the fish was crispy and well seasoned, from the inside it was perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
From our opinion, the creamy and buttery sauce didn’t work quite well with the baramundi fillet;
The sour base sauce had a slightly strong taste which took over the main star of the dish (Barramundi).

– 250gr Porterhouse *Bass Strait grass-fed (TAS) natural state hanging.
*All streaks are served with fries + salad and a choice of: red wine jus, chimichurri, pepper sauce or mustard
We opted for the medium-rare steak with the fries + salad and chimichurri.
On the side, the salad was freshly served, Fries were also perfectly deep fried, not greasy and seasoned well.
The steak had a good 250gr lean cut, it was perfectly seared from the outside and well seasoned.

From the inside, the protein was tender, soft and juicy.
The overall taste was great, balance and perfectly seasoned.
Unfortunately, from the inside, on one side was perfectly grilled as requested medium rare, while another was just overcooked; It wasn’t consistent.
Otherwise, this porterhouse was just perfect!!


Something is missing without a sweet touch of dessert, we ordered Chocolate fondant, vanilla bean ice cream + crispy crepes + raspberry coulis.
The dessert was beautifully presented with Chocolate fondant and vanilla bean ice cream on the side.
The chocolate fondant was just amazing and it wasn’t too overwhelming;

Slight crisp on the outside and inside, the chocolate was gooey and still warm.
We had a great time enjoying this dessert without struggling to finish it up.
The vanilla ice cream was creamy and not too sweet either which was really good.
Overall, this rich, scrumptious and flavourful dessert is definitely a MUST TRY sweet dish;
We’re surprised and it’s quite rare for a Pub/Bar to be able to deliver such a stunning sweet dish.


Overall, we’re thankful and had a great time having food experience in The Cricketers Eatery; Good weather, great atmosphere and nice food & dessert.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to The Cricketers Neighbourhood Eatery’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 4.0
Taste: 3.5
Speed: 5.0

Yay: *cocktail* Hole in the Wall, Crispy soft shell crab slider, 250gr Porterhouse, Chocolate fondant
Nay: Barramundi fillet

Location: 69 Cruickshank Street, Port Melbourne, Melbourne

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

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