Yakiniku Don, Melb CBD

We came across this restaurant by chance. We initially want to go to our usual place to have a Gyutan Don, but then we remembered the price of the dish went up again and we felt like it’s just not worth it to eat that dish in that restaurant anymore.
So we decided to start our journey to find a new nice place to enjoy Gyutan Don. Then we searched for new Japanese rice place and came across this place.

The restaurant’s name literally translates to grilled meat bowl and apparent from its name we kind of expect they serve bowls of rice topped with a selection of Japanese style marinated meats.


We tried their:
Chicken Curry Don – comes with a bowl of rice topped with few slices of curry chicken meat with miso soup and half boiled egg and slaw salad with sour dressing.
The chicken was moist but we didn’t quite enjoy the taste of the curry. It was a bit too strong for our preferences. But it was still edible.

Teriyaki Beef Gyutan Don – comes with the bowl of rice, miso soup, half boiled egg and salad like the other set menu.
The gyutan was tender and nice, although it is teriyaki style but the taste was not too sweet.
It was enjoyable and quite a good value for the portion of the meal. The combination of the meats with the eggs are truly enjoyable.


The place is pretty straightforward style. You came into the restaurant, order in the counter and pick the table anywhere you like.
Everything else pretty much self served and the restaurant located just beside the New Life – BBQ place.
Although the price is pretty good value, it seems like our search still continue to find another good Gyutan Don with good value and great taste as well.


Service: 3.0
Price: 4.0
Taste: 3.0

Location: Ground Floor, 385, Little Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9191 2922

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