The Left-Handed Chef, South Melbourne (Invited)

The Left-Handed Chef offers the authentic Israeli cuisine situated in Park Street, South Melbourne.
The cafe is conveniently accessible by public transport: Tram no 1 – Stop 24 (Park St/Clarendon St, 10 mins walking distance) or Tram no 12 – stop 129 (Clarendon St/Park St, 5 mins walking distance); There are plenty on the street car parks available if you prefer to travel using your private vehicle.
We’re glad to be invited by The Left-Handed Chef, Ehud Malka (Head Chef/Owner) to have food experience in this cute cafe.

We came on the first week (January 2019) of re-opening cafe in the afternoon (dining) after the Christmas break with the newly renovated kitchen area.
Ehud took the opportunity during Christmas break to revamp the cafe and introduce a new business concept (dinner time, Thursday & Friday 6PM – 9PM, Israeli Dinner).
Israeli food incorporated and influenced from other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.
We admire with Ehud’s passion and vision when we had a chat about the food and cafe; this time Ehud introduces the Israeli food to his cafe from his home country where he grew up.

Good news for dog lovers! Yes, the cafe is a dog friendly environment where you can have the option for the outdoor seating.
Indoor, we loved the color combination and interior design of the cafe; The cafe was clean, funky and stylish.
The customer staff was nice, friendly and attentive serving the customers with smile.
The atmosphere and vibe were cosy and amazing.
It’s a new experience for Miss Epi as she has never tried the Israeli food before.

We ordered Iced limonana – traditional Israeli and Homemade ice tea – served with fresh while reading on the interesting Israeli food.
For us both drinks were perfectly matched with the warm weather outside when we came. They’re freshly served especially the iced limonana
with citrus flavour and had nice fragrance.

To begin with, we had:
– Mixed salad served with a laffa with Morocan Tomato Relish, Tabooli and salad.
For those who are not familiar with Israeli food, Laffa is a Middle Eastern flatbread; In Israel it is also called láfa or Iraqi pita.
The laffa was soft and fluffy on the inside perfectly combined with any of those side dishes.
Our favourite were both Morocan Tomato Relish (Ehud’s favourite) and Tabooli;
The Morocan Tomato Relish had a balance sweet and sour taste. It was very rich and flavoursome dish.

– Haloumi mini skewers with watermelon and mint salad.
The Haloumi was perfectly deep fried and not greasy. It was crispy from the outside and soft from the inside.
Great combination with the watermelon and mint salad to give a hint of natural sweetness from the fruit and fresh fragrance from the mint.
It had a balance taste and yummy!
Whoops! Did you see that I was chicky to take a small bite before taking the photo 🙂 LOL

– Grilled eggplant with pomegranate and labneh (yogurt).
Honestly, we’re quite skeptical with the grilled eggplant served with pomegranate and yogurt.
It was way beyond our expectation, the eggplant was perfectly seasoned, not bland and seasoned well.
Pomegranate and Labneh gave different texture and not overpowering taste on the dish, thus the eggplant was still the star on the dish.
Definitely one of the best eggplant dish we’ve ever tried.

– Pitriyot (Hummus Bowls), topped with smoked mushrooms & onion.
There is an English language-idiom saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, that’s exactly what you can tell when you checkout our photo.
Ehud Malka totally nailed the dish, the hummus was silky smooth and had rich flavour.
The mushrooms were perfectly cooked and well seasoned; They’re soft and tender.
I reckon it’s the best hummus bowl we’ve ever tried so far.

Shipudim Al Haesh (Skewers on the grill)
– Chicken skewer, chicken thighs in special Israeli marinate.
– Lamb kebab skewer, large koftas with parsley and middle eastern spices.
Both Chicken and Lamb Kebab skewers were perfectly grilled and beautifully seared.
They’re well seasoned, soft and tender.
Hands down to the chef that managed to remove the strong smell coming from the lamb.
We definitely enjoyed these skewers and honestly we really want to order more on their skewers, but we need to spare our space for our desserts.

For the desserts, we had Halva served with fresh fig on top and Panacotta.
Both of them were so delicious and different, we’ve never tried these desserts previously and turned out that we loved it.
Panacotta was perfectly made, with the silky smooth layered.

Overall, we had really really great time having Israeli food made by The Head Chef/Owner Ehud Malka. He’s so talented, skillful and humble man.
All dishes were meticulously made, flavoursome and cooked with the utmost care.
We’d definitely love to visit The Left-Handed Chef when we’re around South Melbourne.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to The Left-Handed Chef’s team and Ehud Malka for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 4.5
Taste: 4.5
Speed: 4.5

Yay: Haloumi mini skewers with watermelon and mint salad, Grilled eggplant with pomegranate and labneh (yogurt), Pitriyot (Hummus Bowls), topped with smoked mushrooms & onion, Chicken skewer, Lamb kebab skewer, Halva served with fresh fig on top and Panacotta
Nay: N/A

Location: 2/219 Park Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9645 5800

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