Ishiya Stonegrill, Melb CBD (Invited)

Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill brings a different color of Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. They offer great high quality food and give the experience to the customers to cook their own meat, seafood and vegetables on volcanic stone.
We’re glad to be invited by Ishiya Stonegrill to have foodie experience.

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This Japanese restaurant is perfectly located in the hustle & bustle heart of CBD, “China Town”; This place stands out and loved by neighborhood, despite of many other restaurants surroundings as it’s always busy and full pack of food lovers.
Booking is definitely recommended!

Upon our arrival, the restaurant looks small from outside but it’s quite spacious, clean and well decorated.
It’s a considered as a casual fine dining where is perfect to have or celebrate any private event, special occasions or family gathering. It is a place where you won’t get disappointed from the food offered and customer experience.

The customer service was excellence and top notch. They’re nice, friendly, serving customers with smile and have depth knowledge of the menu.
Undeniable you might get confused with many interesting food offered, variety of dining sets and other food combination in the menu booklet.
You’ll be surprised how interesting the food presentation in the menu booklet and I bet you want to order all the food.

No worries, they’re more than happy to assist you and explain patiently to match what you’re after.
The vibe and atmosphere were excellent and cosy.

We begin our foodie journey by having the Iced Tea (Yuzu, rose and peach).
It’s light drink, not too sweet.
It was very fresh, great taste and had nice fragrance; Surely, it’s perfect drink to accompany the warm weather during the summer season.


We had a sample of the following dishes:
Note: The portion might be different as we had a sample of side dishes, surely with same beautiful and nice food presentation.

– Wagyu Tataki (Thinly sliced rare Japanese Marble Beef torched with honey butter)
Wagyu Tataki served in high quality beef wagyu where you can see from the fresh red color.
A hint of smokey flavour came from the dish as it’s torched.
Perfect thinly sliced of wagyu beef, balance taste and well seasoned. You’re more than welcome to add more rich flavour by dipping from the small containers served on the side and another container containing chives and fried garlic where you put on top of your tataki.

What’s the recommended way to eat this?
Add little bit of chives and garlic on top, roll the wagyu beef and dipped using either daikon or ponzu according to your preference.
Dipping sauce will add extra rich acidic flavour without leaving behind the original fantastic taste of wagyu beef.
It’s just an amazing dish!

– Tempura Kani (Soft shell crab salad with wasabi and crab miso mayonnaise dressing)
The soft shell crab was generously served and it was perfectly deep fried.
It was crunchy from outside, tender and soft from the inside.
The salmon caviar gave different texture of this dish and added the aesthetic of the dish.
At the bottom, a salad served with lightly dressing and crab miso mayonnaise.
Just a right size of mayonnaise put on top of the salad.
Not only the great taste, the dish was meticulously made and also beautifully presented;
It’s definitely an instagramable dish.


– Yaki Hotate (Baked sea scallops creamy miso mushroom sauce)
The Yaki Hotate was presented beautifully and colorful, it was very appealing.
Good portion and size of scallops served.
Underneath the scallop you would find creamy and buttery mushroom sauce that added rich taste on this dish.
The scallops were perfectly cooked, had balance taste and it wasn’t dry.
The texture inside was soft and moist, outer part was seared beautifully.
One of the best side dish and MUST order when you’re visiting Ishiya Stonegrill.


– Sake Awabi (stream abalone, yam noodles, sake & ponzu honey)
Sake Awabi served in the thinly sliced abalone with yam noodles underneath added sake & ponzu honey.
The abalone was cooked well, it was tender and soft.
Yam noodles were cooked at the right temperature and seasoned well.
So yummy!!! It was a light side dish that you should try!


– Sakura Scallop Carpaccio (Thinly sliced scallop with spicy avocado cream and salmon caviar)
See the photo below, wasn’t it awesome?


Not only the presentation, the taste was absolutely stunning.
It was an impeccable dish that you should try.
The scallops were perfectly cooked and seasoned well.
It was tender, soft and succulent.
The dipping sauce on the side will give additional flavours on top of this scallop.
We prefer to have the scallops without the dipping because the scallops were so tasty by itself.

– Truffle Cured Salmon Tataki
Beside the nice presentation using the glass covering the fresh salmon on this dish, they have the reason of having this decoration.
It’s a smart way to preserve the truffle fragrance and infuse to the Salmon.
Fresh Salmon put on top of the cucumber and ice to keep it fresh.
If you’re sashimi lover, surely it’s your favourite dish!

After having sample of their side dishes, we had the newly introduced dish the Souffle Rice.
It’s a baked fluffy eggwhite souffle with garlic tepanyaki fried rice inside served with prawns and rich lobster bique sauce on the side.
The Souffle Rice was beautifully presented and the eggwhite souffle was perfectly baked.
Inside the tepanyaki fried rice was cooked and lightly seasoned;
You could add the lobster bique sauce to give additional rich seafood flavour on your tepanyaki fried rice.
It’s very interesting dish and worth to try!


We also had Wagyu Tasting Stone Grill Set served with wagyu karubi & wagyu rump;
This Stonegrill Dinner Set comes with any 3 appetisers or sides of your liking, we opted for Takoyaki, Seafood Gyoza and Salmon Sashimi.
For us, it’s more fun to have beef cooked on top of stone grill rather than having the typical conventional BBQ.
The based hot stone was pre-seasoned, so you won’t have a bland taste when cooking the beef on the stone grill;
You could get the option to add more seasoning on top of the grill.

Here is the info / tips & trick:
– They would give you sake cooking in the tiny plastic container.
Add the cooking sake on top of the beef when you’re cooking to reduce the oil coming from the beef.


– The heat from Hot stone will last approx. 30 mins.
No worries, you can request to replace the new hot stone and the customer staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Finally, we had a newly introduced ice cream flavour in Summer Season, Melon.
The ice cream was home made. It had a cute, colorful and nice presentation.
It was fresh, creamy, delicious and not too sweet. We’re not struggling to finish up this ice cream.


Overall, we had an amazing night having dinner in Ishiya Stonegrill. It’s one of the best Japanese restaurant we’ve ever tried and added to
our favourite restaurant bookmarks.
From our opinion, not many restaurants in Melbourne can cover great entree, main and desserts; Ishiya is one of them who’s able to serve and give
best customer experience from end to end.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Ishiya Stonegrill’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 5.0
Speed: 4.5

Yay: Iced Tea (Yuzu, rose and peach), Wagyu Tataki, Tempura Kani, Yaki Hotate, Sake Awabi, Sakura Scallop Carpaccio, Souffle Rice, Truffle Cured Salmon Tataki, StoneGrill Dinner Set, Melon ice cream
Nay: N/A

Location: 152 Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9650 9510

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