Fujitei, St Kilda (Invited)

Fujitei is an authentic Japanese restaurant situated on Wellington Street, St Kilda.
Dined as a guest invited along other food bloggers to sample the high quality and authentic Japanese food.
At Fujitei, each dish is prepared and cooked using fresh and original ingredients.

The customer staff was friendly and very knowledgeable explaining the food in details.
The restaurant has an authentic Japanese interior design fitting.
The restaurant is quite spacious where you have the option to have indoor and outdoor seating which is good for a private function.
While waiting for the food sample, we’re served the Japanese Rose Tea.
The tea was served warm! It had great taste and nice fragrance.

The food came in the following order:
Appetiser / Entree
– Oyster Shooter (freshly shucked oyster with ponzu and salmon roe)
It’s a very tasty and delicious!!! Scrumptious taste with rich and perfect balance of sweet, sour and savoury taste.
The Oyster served was fresh with smooth, tender and soft texture.
The light taste from the sauce added a good sophisticated taste of the dish. This appetiser dish is really recommended for you to order.

– Hotate Yaki
Hokkaido (Japanese scallop), pan seared in Japanese sake dressed and flame torched Mentai (Spicy cod roe) mayonnaise.
Hotatte Yaki had a simple presentation but the taste was spot on! It was also served in decent size of scallop.
Outer part was beautifully seared; Inside was creamy and hint of smokey flavour.
All component work together and perfectly enhance to overall taste without diminishing the taste of the scallop which is the star of the dish.
It’s one of our favourite dishes on that day.

– Signature Sushi and Sashimi *combination of sushi and sashimi presented in chef’s special arrangement*
It was nicely presented and very appealing; We had the following sushi/sashimi combination:
* Salmon (Freshly sliced Tasmanian salmon Nigiri)
* Maguro (Freshly sliced tuna Nigiri)
* Hamachi (Freshly sliced hiramasa King fish Nigiri)
* Scallop (Japanese Hokkaido Scallop)
* Ikura (Large size salmon caviar)
Inside out tuna and salmon sushi roll, coated in Crispy Tempura, topped with ikura (salmon Roe)
* Unagi Roll
Served with camembert cheese and cucumber roll topped with whole piece Eel, with chefs original unagi sauce (reduced sweet soy)


Definitely recommended to order for sushi/sashimi lovers – sushi party, decent and good portion to share;
All seafood were served fresh, you could simply check out the fresh bright color.
They had soft and tender texture with perfectly fine sliced.
Nicely presented, high quality seafood and stunning taste; What else can you ask for?
It’s just an amazing sushi/sashimi set combination, great to share between 2-4 people.

– FUJITEI Signature Carpaccio Combination
Marinated in the original blended Basil Olive oil vinaigrette
Tuna, Salmon, Kingfish, Scallop, Tako (Boiled Octopus)
Initially, we’re little bit sceptical with the marinated sushi; Surprisingly, the marinated sauce had rich and flavourful taste without ruining
the fresh and original taste of the seafood. Hands down to the Genius chefs from Fujitei.

– Tiger Prawn Tempura
Tiger Prawns served had decent size and it was freshly cooked.
You could clearly hear the crunchiness sound from the perfectly deep fried.
The taste of batter was balance and it wasn’t too overpowering; Thus, the tiger prawn was still the star of this dish.
It’s getting better when you dip with the light tempura sauce to add the richness of this dish.


– Unagi Kabayaki (Whole eel fillet, grilled over with special sauce and glazed with sweet soy)


– Beef Steak (Steak to your liking, dressed with our special homemade Japanese BBQ sauce)
Wagyu beef cooked with herbal leaf and miso.
It was a perfect cook of medium rare, tender and very juicy. The beef steak was well seasoned and had a balance taste.
The beef was gone not long after everyone has taken a photo.
I think the action speaks more to prove how delicious this beef steak was!

– Gin Dara Saikyo Miso Yaki
Cured black cod in chef’s special miso, grilled to enhance the flavour.
The skin of black cod was nicely charred and not overcooked. You wouldn’t find any bitter taste out from the skin.
Tender and soft texture inside, outer part was very crispy.


Overall, we had great time having a sample of many dishes with other bloggers.
Honestly, all of them were delicious and served using high quality ingredients.
If we have to sort the top 3 dishes on that night were Oyster Shooter, Hotate Yaki and Beef Steak.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Fujitei’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 5.0

Yay: Oyster Shooter, Hotate Yaki, Beef Steak, Gin Dara Saikyo Miso Yaki
Nay: N/A

Location: 17 Wellington Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC, VIC
Phone: 03 8657 8590
Website: fujitei.com.au

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