Sir Charles, Fitzroy (Invited)

Do you know that the name of Sir Charles named after Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy?
Who’s that guy? He was the a British military officer, politician and member of the aristocracy,
who held governorships in several British colonies during the 19th century [skip] [skip] [skip] Australia …
Back to the original story of our food journey cause it’s not a history lesson 🙂
We’re glad to be invited to Sir Charles, FitzRoy – Thanks Sharon, the host!

You can’t hardly miss this cafe with their restaurant name on the top.
This cafe is located on 121 Johnston Street, Fitzroy close to corner of Brunswick St and Johnston St; It’s easily accessible by tram and private car (plenty of street car parks available in front of the cafe).
The cafe is a pet friendly where you can choose outdoor seating; You can enjoy the sun, the good food/coffee and bring your pets to accompany you.

It was a quite warm day when we came and we opted for the indoor seating.
We’re welcomed by a friendly customers staffs and Sharon was working on that day to be our host.
All customer staffs were genuinely friendly to everyone and serve with lots of smile.

Inside, the cafe is quite spacious with clean, bright – filled with natural sunlight and modern interior design fitting.
The cafe is a versatile spot for any small or big event by looking at this capacity of the space.
They have plenty of indoor plants inside which makes this cafe even better: Devils ivy, succulents, spider plants and others.
The atmosphere and vibe were cosy and comfortable; definitely make you want to stay longer!


We started our food journey by having Cappuccino and Almighty carrot, turmeric and orange (cold drink).
Despite a warm weather outside, a coffee a day is a ritual for me 🙂
They offer both single origin and the house blend coffee which we had on that day.
It consists of 33% Brazil, Daberra, 33% Ethiopia, Kebado, 33% Rwanda Nziza Collective;
Notes: Stonefruit, Caramel, Dark Chocolate.
The coffee was really good and had a balance taste. It was just spot on.

For the main, we ordered:
– Fritters
Spiced sweet potato fritters, corn and lime puree, poached eggs and a salad of fennel, pomegranate, fresh herbs and shallot vinaigrette.
The dish was nicely presented with sophisticated of color combination.
Loved the spiced sweet potato, it was crispy and crunchy; It wasn’t too sweet either.
The fritters were perfectly made, cooked and well seasoned.
Inside, it wasn’t dry and wasn’t greasy.
The fritters had rich and aromatic flavours; The poached eggs weren’t overcooked, they’re cooked perfectly.
Every component plays the role to compliment each other; It’s one of the best fritters we’ve ever tried.


– Salmon Benedict
Panko-crumbed eggs with Sriracha hollandaise, smoked salmon rillete, baby spinach, burnt chilli on roti.
What can go wrong with Salmon Benedict? We reckon almost every brunch place has this menu, it’s like a benchmark dish when you’re visiting a brunch spot.
Here in Sir Charles, they don’t serve Salmon Benedict in conservative approach; They’re so creative to serve with Salmon Benedict with burnt chilli on roti.

There was the hint of spicy on this dish which we loved.
The roti was perfectly pan fried;
Though it’s slightly wet in the middle when you leave the dish for a while due to mayo and other sauces, on the side it was still perfect crisp.
The dish was stunning and meticulously made. Loved the idea of using Panko-crumbed eggs with Sriracha hollandaise.
It’s a MUST to order when you’re visiting this cafe!


– French Toast
Christmas pudding spiced brioche French toast with creme fraiche custard, summer berries, gingerbread white chocolate crumb.
Always a spare space saved for a sweet dish LOL!

We ordered French Toast. The portion was generous and it was beautifully presented.
The french toast wasn’t too sweet and the sweet flavours mostly came from the great selection of high quality fruits
such as, blueberry, strawberry, cherry and blackberry.
The texture was soft and tender; Scrumptious taste and fabulous dish to end our food journey in Sir Charles, Fitzroy.

Overall, we had an awesome food experience and so happy with all our food selections.
They’re just perfectly made, well seasoned and not too overwhelming; Sir Charles definitely added to our fav list of cafes.


Note: We’d like to say thank you to Sir Charles’s team and Sharon for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 5.0

Yay: Cappuccino, Fritters, Salmon Benedict, French Toast
Nay: N/A

Location: 121 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9415 7077

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

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