IL Faro, Kew (Invited)

IL Faro Pizza offers an authentic Italian cuisine and it’s situated in the heart of Kew; Only few door steps to catch public transport (tram), on the street car parks are also available along High Street, Kew.
We’re glad to be invited by IL Faro to have foodie experience.

As soon as we arrived the restaurant, we’re given a warm welcome by Nick De Lorenzo (owner) who was working on that day.
Right before we jumped to the food and drinks menu, he offered us two glasses of water and told us the background history of IL Faro – family restaurant.
He also introduced us to his kitchen crews (wife, family and friends).
Nick’s friendly, has nice personality and energetic; Nick made us feel like at home 🙂

IL Faro simply means “The Lighthouse”; As it is always built on the rock in the solid foundation which exactly describes the concept and background of IL Faro.
It’s built on the solid foundation and trust of family and friends – what a profound meaning from this restaurant name.

The restaurant was quite spacious, it’s definitely able to cater small and big group of people; The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable.
IL Faro also offers many imported Italian beer, IL Faro is the “go to” place. They have all variety of imported Italian beers (Birra Baladin) such as, Birra Nazionale, Isaac, Wayan and other Italian soft drink!
Baladin claims to be considered an ideal beer to match with wood-fired pizza and Italian cuisine, and is listed alongside fine wines in some of the best restaurant in Europe.

We ordered Isaac and Mocktail (Ginger – Italian Soft Drink).
– Mocktail (made by Nick)
Ginger is considered as an old school Italian soft drink; it is an infusion of bitter and sweet oranges from Gargano PGI (in Puglia), with spices and vanilla.
The flavour is refreshing with pithy orange flavour, soft vanilla and a subtle bitter orange finish.
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
It was fresh and had the aromatic fragrance; We’ve never tried this before, we just simply loved it!

Mocktail (made by Nick)

Mocktail (made by Nick)

– Isaac (Imported Italian Beer), 330mL 5%
Isaac is a very refreshing, spiced wheat beer made from raw wheat and flavoured with coriander and zest of organic oranges from Puglia. This beer is made in the style of a Belgian Witbier, which is typically cloudy with distinctive yeasty, citrusy characteristics.
Strong in flavour, yet still refreshing, the Isaac starts out with aromas of yeast, fresh oranges and subtle hints of orange blossom and coriander seed.
The beer tastes rich, with hints of baking spices and delicate notes of tropical fruit.
Refreshing to the palate, it has a light body and a clean, aromatic finish.

Isaac (Imported Italian Beer), 330mL 5%

Isaac (Imported Italian Beer), 330mL 5%

There are many Italian Pizza restaurants you can find around Melbourne, they have the similar technique using the traditional way to make pizza and wood fire oven to cook.
However, there are some distinctive factors that make IL Faro stands out among other Italian restaurant:
– All ingredients are imported from Italy including flour, tomato paste and others.
– The dough made from 5 different imported Italian flours “secret recipe” for 72 hour.
– They serve high quality meats only ( Wagyu beef, Angus beef )

The main idea is to use the authentic original / heritage Italian cooking method and technique to create Italian cuisine by “Elevating” the quality and ingredients;
In addition, IL Faro’s trying to make Australians enjoy the heritage authentic Italian food!

For Starters/Primi, we had:
– Calamari Fritti (Lightly coacted in seasoned semolna flour and fried, served with house made aioli and lemon wedge)
The Calamari was perfectly deep fried, well seasoned and it wasn’t greasy.
The texture was soft and tender; under neath the Calamari, you’d find fresh salad served and it was also well seasoned to balance out the strong flavour from Calamari.
Honestly, you can’t go wrong to choose seafood for your starter especially when you’re visiting IL Faro where they know how to serve a great Calamari!

– Arancini (Traditional arancini filled with the slow cooked beef ragu)
Arancini was nicely presented served in quite generous portion.
It was also perfectly deep fried, crunchy and crispy from outside, inside it wasn’t dry and cheese melted! There was rich mixed flavours burst in your mouth the moment you bite the arancini.
Arancini placed on top of the slow cooked beef ragu and cheese.

– Bruschetta Classica (V)
(Extra virgin oil (EVO), diced tomato, diced red onion, baby fior di latter bocconcini,
fresh garlic and oregano
The bruschetta was generously served and perfect to share between 3-4 people.
The base dough was perfectly cooked with the hint of smokey flavour from the wood oven. Everything was just perfectly executed!

– Lasagna al Forno
One of the best Lasagna we’ve ever tried! Each layer was perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
The beef and sauce were blended in perfectly, other components work really well to enhance the overall flavour.
It had a scrumptious taste, rich and flavourful!
You know what I am talking about – JUST TRY IT!!!!
The team behind IL Faro totally nailed the Lasagna.

– Gnocchi Picante
It was served in the good portion size, the gnocchi was light and fluffy home made gnocchi with Nduja ( Hot Salami paste ) oven roasted capsicum, olives and Parmesan.
Inside the pochini mushrooms and “Special order” sausage from local butcher using the IL Faro special recipe.
The protein was smooth, nicely cooked and had balance taste.
Yummmmmmyyy!! It was creamy and the sauce wasn’t too overloaded.

– Bresaola (Special)
Margarita base, fresh rocket, cherry tomato and freshly sliced Bresada (Dry Aged Eye Fillet Beef).
We’re so lucky to be able to try this special pizza as it’s quite difficult to find the Bresada.

– IL Faro (our signature pizza)
Tasmanian smoked salmon, fior di latte mozzarella, rocket and lime, all on a ricotta base.
Among other pizzas, this one is the most popular and the signature pizza that you MUST order!
It surely won’t disappoint you!

Both pizza had a perfect dough made and well cooked with the slight crisp on the side.
The dough was REALLY AMAZING, it’s different from other Pizza restaurant; Something was “Elevated” to the next level of pizza dough.
IL Faro gives a different level and benchmark of how good the pizza is! It’s the one of the best pizza we’ve tried during our food review journey!

– Donuts
The idea was taken from sicilian donuts with the “Elevated” and combining in-house IL Faro touch!
It was served with lots of small donuts with nutella and strawberry topped with vanilla ice cream perfect for sharing with family and friends.



The ice cream was creamy and delicious; It wasn’t too sweet.
The donut dough has a slightly savory taste combined with the icing sugar sprinkled on top of the donut.
The donut was actually from the same dough used for the pizza, surprisingly it worked really well.
Other customers love the idea of having pizza dough to be used in this dessert menu; I totally support the idea and agree with that cause it was just amazing!
Generous portion, perfect for sharing and You’ve got to try that!


– Cannoli
Cannoli had a nice presentation and filled with fresh ricotta, orange zest and pistacchio nuts.
It was beautifully presented; The taste wasn’t too sweet and had a hint of sour flavour.
We didn’t struggle to finish up this dessert and keep us going!


Overall, we had a really wonderful and fantastic night to dine in IL Faro.
Great food, fantastic atmosphere and friendly service – feel like home 🙂
The most important thing is we know where to go when we’re craving Italian Pizza yeayyy!!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Nick and IL Faro’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Yay: Bruschetta Classica, Calamari Fritti, Arancini, Lasagna al Forno, Bresaola (Pizza *Special), IL Faro (Pizza *signature), Donuts
Nay: N/A

Service: 5.0
Taste: 5.0

Location: 321 High Street, Kew, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9853 5155

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