BBQ-K, Glen Waverley (Invited)

What a perfect timing to open a BBQ restaurant towards winter season in Melbourne;
The second branch of BBQ-K opened in the heart Glen Waverley following the successful of their first BBQ-K in Doncaster.
I know it’s a challenge to find parking if you opt to use your own vehicle; No worries, there are plenty of on the street car park spaces as well as the 4P car park building.
We’re glad to be invited by BBQ-K to have the BBQ experience night.

The restaurant is spacious, clean fitted with modern interior design.
As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by the friendly customer staff.
We ordered Tea (pot) corn tea and the Korean Soft Drink – Sikhye, Rice-Punch to accompany our food journey.

BBQ K, Glen Waverley

We decided to order Wagyu Beef Set (for 2 people);
The set consists of three different cuts of beef, they’re Scotch fillet, Chuck flap tail and Beef bulgogi + a choice of traditional Korean soup + 2 steamed purple rice.

We opted for Silken tofu soup seafood which is maded with assorted vegetables, soft tofu and seafood in a spicy stew.
We also ordered Ox tongue beef to merry our BBQ night party!

Silken tofu soup seafood

All food came at the same time; Those beef cuts were fresh, high quality and lean.
In this restaurant, you’ll be spoilt by the genuine friendly and attentive customer staffs; They would assist you to do all the cooking and
ensure that you’ll get the perfect meat cooked according to your preference.

We started our BBQ night with Ox tongue beef following with Scotch fillet, Chuck flap tail and Beef bulgogi.
They would advise you to use the order above for you to enjoy the taste of original grilled meat; It’s your preference but you might not be able to enjoy the fresh grilled meat if you start with the marinated beef (flavour).
For us, it’s perfect to follow those orders.

Perfectly seared medium rare beef
They’re so tender, juicy, delicate and soft; from the grill, Hopp Hopp … it melted inside our mouth LOL 🙂 so yummy!
To add more flavour, you can add soy sauce dipping or just simply with salt to enjoy the original taste.
All of them were so amazing but our most favorite one was Chuck flap tail.

Silken tofu soup seafood were generously served, the soup base had light taste; It’s a perfect companion to tone down the taste of marinated beef.
Ohh we also wanted to try their Seafood Tteokbokki (Spicy stir-fried dish with rice cake, fish cakes, assorted vegetables and a boiled eeg).
The Seafood Tteokbokki was generously served with fresh and perfectly cooked prawns.
The taste was balance and not too spicy; The sauce wasn’t too think and strong, which was good cause you won’t be struggling to have this.

Always YES for the Dessert, we had Housemade Green Tea Ice Cream and Housemade Black Sesame Ice Cream.
Both of them were so amazing, we couldn’t decide who’s the winner.

Mrs. Epi - Adrianne Laurencia

Mrs. Epi – Adrianne Laurencia is wondering which one I should taste 1st ??

They’re cutely presented as a snowman figurine; They’re creamy, not too sweet and flavourful!
Suprisingly, they did really amazing job for the dessert as We hardly find the BBQ Korean Restaurant that’s able to make such a good dessert.

Mrs. Epi - Adrianne Laurencia

Mrs. Epi – Adrianne Laurencia has made decision!

Overall, we had such an amazing night and experience at BBQ-K, Glen Waverley.
With this high standard, exceptional customer service and cosy atmosphere, BBQ-K stands out among other restaurants despite of many restaurants around Glen Waverley.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to BBQ-K’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 4.5
Taste: 4.0

Yay: Wagyu Beef Set (for 2 people), Housemade Green Tea Ice Cream and Housemade Black Sesame Ice Cream
Nay: N/A

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: Shop 1/52 Montclair Avenue, Glen Waverley, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8524 7262

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