Nong Tang Noodle House, Melb CBD

Nong Tang Noodle House is a hidden gem Shanghainese Chinese Restaurant situated in Melbourne’s Midcity Arcade (Chinatown).
They offer an authentic and the best of home cooked Shanghainese Chinese cuisine.
Here we take you to explore about the food, service and our verdict from the invitation we received by Nong Tang Noodle House Team.

For us, it’s important to have the serene, calm, cosy and relax atmosphere when enjoying the food; Nong Tang Noodle House has ticked all boxes.
Often in other Chinese restaurant, they’ll rush you up to order the food and let you go as soon as you’ve finished your food;
Here in this restaurant, they’ll respect your time, privacy and they won’t rush you up after you’ve finished your food.

The restaurant was clean and customer service was outstanding, nice, friendly and attentive.
The first thing came up in our mind was noodle when we’re choosing the food cause it’s a noodle house.
What comes to your mind when going to noodle house?
Off course, you’ll try the noodle; We’re keen to try their Shanghai Traditional Dry Noodle with Spring Onion and Sesame Oil.


Shanghai Traditional Dry Noodle with Spring Onion and Sesame Oil

The Shanghai noodle was humbly presented, clean and neat.
The noodle was freshly made in-house; They’re proven to cook this noodle in perfection.
It was just spot on and everything well executed.

Shanghai Traditional Dry Noodle with Spring Onion and Sesame Oil

Shanghai Traditional Dry Noodle with Spring Onion and Sesame Oil

The right amount of soy sauce put inside the noodle which made us still enjoying the original taste of Shanghai noodle.
The noodle was smooth and it wasn’t sticky. The taste was balance and not strong.
It was definitely a perfect companion if you order other dishes that have slightly stronger taste.

We’re thinking to order dumpling to accompany our Dry Noodle; They offer many appealing dumpling selections.
We opted for the chef hat one 🙂 *Tips: can’t go wrong with the menu with hat chef on it
That’s the Pork and Prawn Wonton in Chilli Oil.
At first, it looks bit intimidating by looking at the red chilli color all over the dish, however it was just mild and not too spicy.


The wontons/dumplings were freshly made in house; They’re perfectly cooked and weren’t dry.
Inside, it was juicy, moist and not sticky.
The taste was balance and absolutely stunning. It had also rich flavours mixed with different components.
It’s one of the best dumplings around Chinatown which you MUST try!


We also ordered Honey Coated Battered Chicken and Stir-Fried Beef with Capsicum and Onion in Black Pepper Sauce.
The Honey Coated Battered Chicken was nicely presented and perfectly deep fried in high heat.
You’ll see the nice honey glazing coated outside the crispy battered chicken.

Honey Coated Battered Chicken

Honey Coated Battered Chicken

Outside it was crispy and crunchy, inside the protein was perfectly cooked and not dry.
The taste was rich, slightly sweet from the honey mixed with savoury taste of the battered.
It’s great companion and another MUST dish to order when you’re visiting this restaurant.

Stir-Fried Beef

Stir-Fried Beef

Last but not least was the delicious Stir-Fried Beef. The beef was juicy, soft and cooked well.
The vegetables weren’t overcooked; They added the extra texture and color of the dish.
From our point of view, the overall taste was slightly too strong and over-seasoned by itself; However, it’s totally fine when you have it with Jasmine rice or plain noodle because it will tone down the strong taste from the Stir-Fried Beef.
It’s still a stunning dish presented and made by Nong Tang Noodle House.

Nong Tang Noodle House, Melb CBD

Nong Tang Noodle House, Melb CBD

Overall, we had a great time having food experience and happy to recommend this place as a place “Go To” for a Chinese food.
Great food, reasonable price, fantastic atmosphere and outstanding customer service.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Nong Tan Noodle House’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time.

Service: 5.0
Taste: 4.0

Yay: Shanghai Traditional Dry Noodle, Pork and Prawn Wonton in Chilli Oil, Honey Coated Battered Chicken, Stir-Fried Beef with Capsicum and Onion in Black Pepper Sauce
Nay: Stir-Fried Beef’s taste was slightly too strong, you definitely need to eat with rice.

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: Midcity Arcade, Shop 16/200 Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9639 9258

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