milk tea + popcorn

Pop Me Fatale, Melb CBD

Pop Me Fatale is a newly opened popcorn shop and that’s the only store in Melbourne that offers variety of interesting flavors of caramelised popcorn.
We often come to Upper West Side apartment in Melbourne CBD and this store situated hidden inside the buildings on 14 Watertank Way.

The delicious and nice fragrance of caramelised popcorn always fill around this area, surely everyone will definitely want to try this one when passing this street.
Often we missed a chance to come by and try their popcorn due to many reasons.
Though we are not feeling well (cough + flu), our appetite overcame our condition.
In the end, we made decision to try this popcorn!! Naughty… LOL … as an excuse we’re food lover!!


Anyway, we tried their sample popcorn: Chocolate, Lime & Pepper, Passion Fruit, Durian, Cheese, Burger and Caramel.
Honestly, they have an amazing taste but we have narrowed down our options to Cheese and Caramel.

milk tea + popcorn

milk tea + popcorn

We ordered the deal milk tea + popcorn for $5.80.
The taste of milk tea was average, little bit sweet; They only sell plain milk tea, it would be better if they offer additional toppings or fillings such as, jelly or others.
But the popcorn was the best and quality was great!
It was made fresh and perfectly caramelised and seasoned.
It’s little bit pricey $8.80 (*Large popcorn bag) but worth to try when you’re around this area.

From our opinion, they need to improve their quality of their milk tea because they have good potential on this. In addition, the location is really perfect to get the market of milk tea lovers.

Taste: 4.0
Price: 2.5

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

Yay: Popcorn *Salty Caramel, Good deal when they bundle milk tea + popcorn
Nay: Milk Tea

Location: 14 Watertank Way, Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 0452 267 376

Pop Me Fatale Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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