hot smokey chilli, original and garlic

Pelicana Chicken, Melb CBD

Pelicana Chicken is finally came into Melbourne Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) market after established for more than 36 years in Korea.
As one of the oldest KFC maker, Pelicana offers range of flavors of KFC from original to marinated, wasabi dusting, hot smokey chilli, hot spicy, garlic, wasabi, hot devil, soy sauce, white cheese dusting, honey butter or just let them choose for you.


This time we were using Groupon voucher that we bought with our friends – Four people: two full chickens with two jugs of tap beer for $50 to join the hype of Pelicana Chicken. Quite a great deal we must say.
So we tried their hot smokey chilli, original and garlic. So on top of the package, we still need to add $4 for each of the sauce.
Also our Asian blood always screaming for rice, so yeah don’t worry fellow friends, you can order rice here.
Since we do not really drink beer we sub the beer to be the can drinks. Pretty good range of Korean can drinks that you can try too 🙂


Everything come at the same time after quite a while although it was not too busy at that time. But since we were not in rush so it was not bother us too much.
Chicken was fried perfectly and very crunchy, inside was moist and nice. Like every other chicken, you will have to try it from their original one.
The original one however, in my opinion was a bit lack of seasoning inside.
The batter was seasoned but we guessed the chicken itself was a bit under seasoned hence a bit bland.
If you choose the marinated one, the sauce will definitely compensate this.
But for the garlic sauce which is a bit lighter style sauce, a more seasoned chicken will taste definitely better.


Some will definitely straight comparing this to everyone’s familiar KFC, Gami Chicken.
And for me personally, I think I would choose Gami over this in overall terms from the price, taste and value.
But the hot smokey chilli is something different that Gami does not provide. So definitely that’s the point of difference there 🙂

Yay: Hot smokey chilli and great chicken crust
Nay: Need to pay extra for sauce and a tad under-seasoned original chicken.

Service: 2.5
Taste: 3.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

Location: Shop 5/163 Franklin Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 0433 816 683

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