Jo's Grill

Jo’s Grill, Knoxfield (Invited)

Jo’s Grill is a young and vibrant family business restaurant specialising in grilled foods.
They are very passionate about serving the fresh proteins processed daily to deliver highest quality foods to the customers. They will make sure you enjoy great foods and great time with your family and friends on your visit.

We are truly glad to be invited by Jo’s Grill team. You hardly miss this restaurant during daylight but it might be bit tricky during night cause the Burwood Highway’s slightly dark.
The easiest way would be to find Hillsong Church as it’s located just next to the church.

As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by Mr. Jo Franz, the Head Chef and wife.
The couple (owners) were genuinely friendly towards everyone and they treated their customers as if they’re family. You will surely feel welcomed the moment you step your feet inside this place. The vibe and atmosphere were very cosy and comfortable.

Tip: If you happen to come to the restaurant could not find anyone in the front desk, just press the bell located near the cashier.
Jo has got various of experiences in hospitality and he was working in various well-known restaurants in Melbourne such as, TGI Friday, Schnitz, Nando’s, brunch cafes and others for more than 10 years. His dream is to build and combine all his favorite foods from his past experiences into one stop shop with reasonable price with high quality and rich taste with his secret ingredients – Yeap his dream comes true is “Jo’s Grill”. Truly a hidden gem in this area.

We had:
– Loaded Fries with Bacon and Cheese
The portion of fries, bacon and cheese were absolutely generous. The fries were perfectly fried and they weren’t greasy.
They’re so crunchy from outside and perfectly cooked inside.
They’re also well seasoned. What a perfect entree dish for sharing with your friends and family.

Loaded Fries with Bacon and Cheese

Loaded Fries with Bacon and Cheese

– 1/4 Chicken (RRP $4.95)
For the sauce, you can opt for Freaking Hot, Hot, Mild, Lemon Oregano, BBQ, Smoky BBQ
When it comes to spicy food, our Asian blood starts boiling and we want to challenge ourselves LOL!
We opted for Freaking Hot sauce, yes it’s quite spicy but we certainly loved it!!!
The portion of chicken was generous glazed perfectly with this Jo’s secret sauce.
You wouldn’t believe that they sell it for $4.95 only for this great dish!
The chicken was soft, tender and seasoned well.

1/4 Chicken

– Wings Platter $20.00
“Don’t judge the book by the cover” that’s exactly what we thought of this dish;
The presentation was pretty standard but the taste was absolutely stunning.
Those wings were grilled and cooked perfectly glazed with Jo’s secret recipe.
The skin was crispy and inside was tender and juicy.

– Jo’s Special Pork Rib and Paella Combo $37.00
Marinated Grilled Regular Baby Back Pork Ribs Glazed with Jo’s Special Sauce, Regular Paella, Regular Side Salad/Coleslaw.
The Special Pork Rib was beautifully grilled and very tasty, Mr.Jo totally nailed both dishes.
We hardly put any effort when having this pork ribs cause they’re really soft, succulent and tender; One of the best pork ribs we’ve ever had so far.
It’s a mouth watering dish and we would definitely be craving for this ribs anytime soon though the place is located quite far from where we’re.

Jo's Special Pork Rib

Jo’s Special Pork Rib

At first, we’re so skeptical of this dish because we always thought that we can only have delicious Paella in Spanish restaurant.
We turned out to be wrong!! Booooo…
Honestly, this Paella was amazing and well executed; You’ll find a balance taste between sour and savoury!
The portion was also generous; The chicken was seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

Note: You can custom built your own food from the existing selection, Jo would be more than happy to make it.

Jo's special dipping sauce

Jo’s special dipping sauce

Ohh don’t forget to request His special homemade dipping sauce on the side for your chips and other food, it’s made of Dill, coriander, mint and other herbs.

Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic night though the place is pretty far from where we live;
It’s totally worth it and we’ll come back to this place anytime soon 🙂

Jo's Grill

Jo’s Grill

Yay: Jo’s Special Pork Rib, Paella, Loaded Fries with Bacon and Cheese, 1/4 Chicken, Top notch customer service
Nay: N/A

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 23/573 Burwood Highway, Knoxfield, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9801 6999

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