Master Chef, Glen Waverley (Invited)

Another Asian restaurant just recently opened in Glen Waverley and definitely here to provide amazing Chinese foods.
We were invited to the Chinese feast to sample their signature dishes.
Located very close to Glen Waverley train station, right in front of the bus stops, too easy to get into this place.Truly a beautiful restaurant full of Chinese inspired arts such as their traditional paintings, vases and furniture.
They also have a private oriental kingdom style private room upstairs for functions with a massive round table that easily fit 10-12 people there.

We tried many dishes from simple appetizers such as jellyfish salad, rainbow vegetables salad with peanut sauce through all the mains.


Here are some of our highlights:

The Tower of Pork Belly is one of the restaurant’s pride and joy.
A pyramid of tender pork belly is designed in thin layers by layers to create this beautiful and instagramable food.
The pork belly was so juicy and tender that it just glided as we cut through the layers.


Salted egg corn – simple dish that we always order every time we got to Chinese restaurants.
Its gotta be crispy on the outside and evenly coat the corn with the egg yolks without being oily. Masterchef just ticks all of these points.


We also tried their Stewed chicken with Hazel Mushroom – like all Chinese foods you can’t judge it by its looks.
This humble chocolate colored soup is just light and full of umami flavor.
Something that we tried for the first time and definitely tasted great 🙂

Did we tell you that they also made their own tofu which taste so amazing.
Silky soft and so extra points for making them yourselves.
Kudos to the chefs and it is just perfect with the thick sauce.
My kind of hearty dish.

Finally, Deep-Fried Barramundi in Sweet and Sour Sauce, you can opt for live fish if you want to pay more premium.
Amazingly crispy even after poured with sweet and tangy sauce. Love how they thoughtfully fillet and fry them so you can eat them conveniently.


For the desserts we had fried Mantao with condensed milk and Pumpkin cake with red bean.
Special mention to their fried pumpkin cake – first time we had this and this is so amazing.
It has a texture of mochi but not too bouncy and combined with the sweetness of pumpkin and red bean.
Who thought it will taste this amazing?

Really enjoyed our time and the foods come really quick and the service was amazing. Truly a must try if you live around the area. Definitely will come back to visit.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Master Chef’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

YAY: The Tower of Pork Belly, Salted egg corn, Deep-Fried Barramundi, Stewed chicken with Hazel Mushroom,  fried Mantao with condensed milk, Pumpkin cake with red bean

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 29 Raiway Parade North, Glen Waverley
Phone: 03 8592 4672

Master Chef Chinese Restaurant 烹饪大师 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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