Pandan crepe

Chapter21, Camberwell

Chapter21 Cafe is situated in Camberwell, across the street from Boroondara City Council. It’s slightly away from the hustle bustle from central Camberwell;
The cafe is easily accessible by public transport and off-street car parks are available if you travel on private vehicle.

We came here using online deal purchased by our friends, the deal is $22.00 for two people (1 coffee + 1 main dish) / each. At first, we thought that’s a fantastic deal for a cafe located in one of the prestigious suburbs in Melbourne. But….. we’ll discuss more about this later on.

We came on the weekend during lunch time and the cafe wasn’t too busy.
To start off, we ordered cappuccino, mocha and latte. The cappuccino and latte were average taste and they weren’t bad; The mocha was below our expectation, the taste was way off from what we expected.

For the main dish, We ordered:
– Chapter 21 breakfast style **$17.00
(Toasted, avocado, fried egg, bacon, orange juice and mini acai)
We’re quite disappointed when we received their Big breakfast dish.
You hardly get wrong by ordering the big breakfast on typical brunch cafe, but this one was a disappointment.
Firstly, the portion wasn’t generous for the most expensive dish labeled in this cafe. The quality of the toasted bread served was very standard, it’s similar to the one where you can find in the typical groceries shop.

The bread was overcooked and slightly half burnt; It was served with standard homemade fried egg.
On the side, 2 slices of grilled bacon, avocado, orange juice (not fresh) and mini acai.
The mini acai was average and not too bad.
Honestly, we don’t understand how they can justify $17.00 on the dish with the small size and standard quality.

– Super Salmon Salad **$16.00
(Brown rice and quinoa, kale, cherry tomato, roasted pumpkin, brocolli, almond feta,
beetroot gel, smoke salmon and lemon dressing)
If you end up coming to this cafe with the same online deal, you might want to try this dish. Much better than the Chapter 21 breakfast style.
The taste wasn’t too bad and the portion was quite decent.
From our point of view, without the deal we won’t bother to order their salmon dish because with the similar value that you spend on other brunch cafes along this street you can get better quality, tastier and more decent.


– Pandan crepe **$14.00
(Juiced pandan leaf crepe, filled with seasonal fruit, black sticky rice, topped with fresh mixed berry, pandan secret sauce, toasted shred coconut and banana ice cream)
Another interesting dish that you might want to try. We’ve never had this dessert in other cafes with pandan leaf crepe, pandan sauce and black sticky rice.
For us, it’s the best among other dishes we ordered judging from the taste, value and portion.

Pandan crepe

Pandan crepe

– Thai Green chicken curry on rice **$14.00
(Thai style green curry sauce with chicken, caroot, eggplants, pumpkin, green bean and Thai basil leaves served with jasmine rice)
Mehhhh!!! We’d recommend you to go to a Thai restaurant if you’re craving to have Thai food.


Overall, We don’t think that we will come back to this cafe with or without the deal.
We reckon there are lots of the brunch spots much better than this cafe for the similar price.

We’d suggest that you can focus on one thing only, brunch dishes / Vietnamese dishes / Thai dishes. We reckon this cafe isn’t focus on any cuisine and not specialising on any of them.

Chapter 21, Camberwell

Service: 3.0
Taste: 2.5
Price: 2.5

Yay: Pandan crepe
Nay: Chapter 21 breakfast style, Thai Green chicken curry on rice

Location: 371 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9042 2447

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