Fried Ice Cream Maple Syrup

Phat Ice Cream, Queen Vic Market

Phat Fried Ice Cream opens their stall ONLY on Sunday *Section A* during our visit at Queen Victoria Market.
We’re so exciting to redeem the Fried Ice Cream from the Give-Away Competition run by @stellyeats.


They offer several different flavours of fried ice cream: original maple, chocolate, caramel and strawberry; Ohhh you also can opt for the special weekly toppings on that day.
Not only the fried ice cream, they also offer Snow Cones ice cream with many interesting flavours such as, Raspberry, Lemonade, Tropical, Cola and Lime.

Fried Ice Cream Maple Syrup

I know right… it’s winter time, but who can say NO to fried ice cream?!!
We’re welcomed by the friendly customer staff as soon as we approached the stall.
We’re recommended to get the most popular flavour; it’s the original maple syrup.

The batter was perfectly deep fried; It was served warm with the crunchy and crispy texture from the outside.
On top of this fried ice cream glazed the maple syrup which wasn’t too sweet to balance the batter taste.
Inside, it was perfectly soaked with the creamy Vanilla ice cream.
Worth to try when you’re visiting Queen Victoria Market.

Miss.Epi is slurping the ice cream

Miss.Epi is slurping the ice cream

Overall, we had such a great Sunday morning starting our day with church and this dessert!!!

Taste: 4.0
Service: 4.0

Location: Queen Victoria Market, 531 Elizabeth Street, CBD, Melbourne

Phat Fried Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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