Dukkah, South Kingsville

Dukkah, South Kingsville (Invited)

Dukkah is Middle Eastern restaurants located in Vernon Street, Western Suburbs of Melbourne, South Kingsville.
This restaurant is situated in the residential area and mostly loved by the locals.
We came here on the weekend and the restaurant was almost full.
We’re absolutely glad to be invited to this restaurant and totally worth it to come to the other side of Melbourne.

The signature name Dukkah represents all the values that they stand for; creativity, adventure, hospitality and lots of love.
Dukkah offers a combination of authentic/classic and a twist version of Middle Eastern food approved by Chef’s family heritage (Egyptians).

Our first impression of this restaurant is intimate and romantic;
The restaurant is quite spacious and it’s a versatile spot to organise private event on a small/big group.
Loved their wooden decor and Arabic wall art 🙂
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable.

The customer service was great, friendly and very attentive.
Hump Day! Hump Day! Don’t forget to visit Dukkah as they organise live music and happy hour on Wednesday nights!

Once we’re settled down, firstly we ordered some drinks:
1. Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider
2. Hibiscus & Orange (cold drink) – It’s very interesting drink!
The drink was made from the boiled water of hibiscus flowers with added Dukkah secret ingredients served cold with orange.
The orange gave fresh and zesty smell accompanying the rich, sweet and flavourful taste of hibiscus drink.
Some people might or might not like it, we loved it!! Definitely recommended if you feel like to be adventurous…

Entree, we ordered
1. All dips served with rustic Turkish bread (8 pieces) and trio dips – $17.00.
* Hummus (Lemon turmeric hummus with Egyptian dukkah)
* Fel-fel (Char-grilled capsicum cream cheese with sweet paprika, walnuts & chives)
* Beet Labneh (Caramelised beetroot & yogurt with black sesame seeds)
The Turkish bread was perfectly toasted; The bread is nice by itself already.
Our most favourite dippings are Hummus and Fel-fel. It’s one of the best Hummus dipping we’ve ever tried.

Fel-fel, it’s our first experience and it’s simply AMAZING!!! it’s perfect balance taste and each of the component compliments each other.
It’s a pride and family recipe from the Head Chef for more than 40 years.

Hummus, Fel-fel and Beet Labneh

2. Cheese Cigar – $12.00
Cigar shaped pastry filled with haloumi, feta & mozzarella (3 pieces)
Honestly, nothing can go wrong with combination of haloumi, feta & mozzarella battered and fried??

Note: You have to eat this while it’s still hot to get that ozzzy cheese during the cheese pull.
It was perfectly fried with a slight crisp on the outside with the pastry; Inside, it’s soft and cheesy.


3. Mahshi – $10.00
Stuffed vine leaves with spiced rice and lemon dressing (5 pieces served warm)
It’s cute small dish wrapped in vine leaves. The taste was really fresh and not too sour.
If you like a sour dish to start off, you should order this dish; However, we wouldn’t recommend if you’re more like a savoury person.

We’re excited to describe our main dishes:
1. Chicken Shawarma Tagine – $22.00
Layers of 24hr marinated grilled chicken shawarma, saffron rice & pita chips topped with pomegranate & roasted almonds.

There words to describe this dish: Tasty + Exotic + Flavourful.
The chicken was tender, soft and rich in taste. Pita chips gave different kind of texture in the dish.
The overall taste was balance between sweet and tangy taste from pomegranate, savoury taste from the marinated chicken.

2. Mixed Grill – $28.00
Lamb kofta, chicken shish tawook, spicy beef sausage, lamb cutlet, rice pilaf, garden salad, lemon & garlic tahini sauce.
It represents all proteins that Dukkah offers and combined into one dish.
All proteins were perfectly grilled and seasoned, Dukkah kitchen team totally nailed this dish.

Mixed Grill

Mixed Grill

The highlight was the spicy beef sausage, the taste was absolutely amazing with the hint of spiciness.
Lamb cutlet was also a star, you hardly taste the strong smell from lamb.
They’re all soft and tender 🙂


Finally, as I always say that “There is always a room for a dessert”.
We had Kunafa (Layers of shredded angel hair pastry, mango & cream topped with pistachio dust & rose petals)
The dessert was beautifully presented, it wasn’t too sweet either;
The natural sweetness came from mango, you wouldn’t struggle to finish this beautiful dessert.
Definitely recommended dessert and MUST try when you’re visiting Dukkah.


There are some restaurants that you like the food, atmosphere, vibe and service but you might not come back anytime soon;
Dukkah is different, it’s the place that’s attracted us to come back there anytime soon.
We had an amazing night and totally worth it to drive 40 minutes to be here!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Dukkah’s team and Veronica for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Hibiscus & Orange, Hummus & Fel-fel dippings, Cheese Cigar, Chicken Shawarma Tagine, Mixed Grill, Kunafa
Nay: N/A

Service: 5.0
Taste: 4.5

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 23 Vernon Street, South Kingsville, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9399 3737
Website: dukkahrestaurant.com.au

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