David’s Spicy Pot, Russell St (Invited)

Hotpot restaurant has become a trend in Melbourne since 2017 and that’s where David’s Spicy Pot first established right in Melbourne CBD. This restaurant is considered one of the fastest growing Sichuan restaurants.
It takes less than 2 years since the opening of David’s main branch, this Sichuan restaurant has already opened 2 other branches located on different part of Melbourne CBD, Russell Street and Elizabeth Street.

We’re glad to be invited by David’s Spicy Pot to have foodie experience in one of their youngest branches in Russell Street.
We’ve made an appointment to come on Friday night and didn’t expect to have such an awful rainy day in Melbourne.
We’re little bit struggling to go to David’s Spicy Pot, but made our day in the midst of crappy weather. Let me tell you what’s happening …

As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by the friendly customer staffs.
Just few steps from the waiting sign, You can’t miss the large refrigerators containing broad selection of different meats, meat balls, noodles, mushrooms and vegetables.
They’re all looking fresh, not messy, clean and looked after well by the customer staffs (topped up frequently).

David's Spicy Pot, Russell St, Melb CBD
Honestly, we had some unpleasant experiences on other similar hotpot restaurant cause the customer staffs were too ignorant to look after
the food, they were so messy!
It makes sense why David’s Hotpot is loved by the locals and stands out among other hotpot restaurants.


On that day, they offer the following amazing selections:

  • Eggs: Fried Eggs, Quail Eggs
  • Tofu / Bean Curd: Cheese Tofu, Chiba Tofu, Bean Curd Puff, Fresh Tofu, Tofu Pocket with Fish Roe, Flavoured Dried Tofu, Bean Curd Sheets, Frozen Tofu, Handmade Black Tofu, Fish Tofu, Dried Bean Curd Sticks, Dried Bean Curd Skin
  • Meats: Braised Chicken Drumstick, Lamb Spine, Spiced Belly, Black Pepper Beef, Coriander Beef, Pork Roll, Lamb Roll, Beef Roll
  • Meat Balls: Rice Cake, Fried Fish Ball, Eel Ball, Lobster Ball, Octopus Ball
  • Miscellaneous: Chinese Donuts, Black Fungus, Prawn Dumpling, Duck Blood, Chinese Yam, Milky Taro Stick
  • Mushrooms: Enoki Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Apricot Mushroom
  • Noodles: Sliced Noodles, Instant Noodle, Udon, Rice Noodle, Potato Noodles, Glass Noodle
  • Sausages: Ham Sausage, Fish Sausage
  • Seafood: Razor Clam, Prawn, Baby Octopus, Baby Cuttlefish, Clam, Mussel, Cuttlefish Cake, Squid Ring, Crab Meat Roll
  • Vegetables: Seaweed, Sichuan Sliced Bamboo Shoot, Cucumber Slice, Dried Lily Flower, Cauliflower, Lotus Root Slices, Corn, Dried Ballon Flower, Potato Slices


How does it work?
Step 1: Pick up the tong and aluminium bowl.
Step 2: Start selecting your vegetables, meats and others.
Step 3: Go to counter and choose your hotpot types: Traditional Soup, Pork Bone Soup, Special Sour Soup, Spicy Pot (No Soup)
Step 4: Choose the level of spiciness: Mild, Little Spicy, Spicy, Extra Spicy.
Step 5: Choose any side dish if you wish.

For the drinks, we ordered Tremella Jujube Juice and Bird Nest Drink.


We also ordered Xiao Long Bao, Crispy Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Prawn Mince and Steamed Pork Ribs for our side dish.
Our most favourite side dish was the Spring Rolls. They’re perfectly fried, weren’t greasy and well seasoned.

Unfortunately, both Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Pork Ribs failed to impress us.
Xiao Long Bao was slightly dry inside, though the bun was soft and smooth.
Steamed Pork Ribs were over-seasoned, it was very strong taste;
It should be alright to tone it down by having jasmine rice, unfortunately we didn’t order jasmine rice.


We choose Pork Bone Soup and Spicy Pot (No Soup) **Mild.
We’ve made the right decision on ordering these 2 types and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to try those.
If you’re soup lover, try their Pork Bone Soup; It was well seasoned, smooth and flavourful;
On the other hand, you can try their No Soup – Spicy Pot which is my favourite!! Balance taste. Ohh they have 4 level spiciness (Mild, Little Spicy, Spicy, Extra Spicy).
For us, we’re able to handle both Mild and Little Spicy to give little punch of the spiciness. I don’t think that we can enjoy the dish if we choose Spicy / Extra Spicy.
Tips: Be mindful to choose your level of spiciness when you enter to Chinese restaurant.


Overall, we had an amazing night having dinner @David’s Spicy Pot and would love to come back there anytime soonish!!!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to David’s Hotpot’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Plenty selection of meats, vegetables, meatballs and others; Pork Bone Soup and Spicy Pot (No Soup); Crispy Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Prawn Mince
Nay: Xiao Long Bao, Steamed Pork Ribs

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 166 Russell Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8658 3457
Website: davidshotpot.com.au

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